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The Best Tablet Keyboards in 2021

Author: Anthony Lee

Phone & Tablet Expert

Tablet keyboards are an ideal extra for converting a tablet into a practical, simple work device – whether at work, at university or simply at home. A tablet keyboard enables relaxed working or writing with the tablet.

With our big tablet keyboard test we want to help you to find the best tablet keyboard for you. We have explained the important criteria to you and listed the advantages and disadvantages. This should make the purchase decision as easy as possible.

  • Tablet keyboards are available in a number of ways. Whether the purchase is made separately to retrofit the existing tablet or a new tablet with a keyboard, the so-called convertible – there is a suitable product for everyone.
  • Depending on the individual use, you should look carefully before buying a tablet keyboard which functions and possibilities the keyboards have and whether they can fulfill the desired purpose.
  • A tablet keyboard transforms the tablet into a practical work device that can be used anywhere.

Best Tablet Keyboards

Microsoft Surface Pro Keyboard

 Our Pick
Microsoft Surface Pro Keyboard
  • Surface Pro Type cover has a new improved design with…
  • The two button trackpad is now larger for precision control…
  • The keyboard is sturdy with enhanced magnetic stability…
  • Protects and shields the screen from Bumps and Scratches
  • Compatible with Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface…

The Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover is especially for the Microsoft Surface Pro devices, but gives a notebook feeling when used.

The keyboard is a good way to convert your Surface into a work device. A large trackpad enables comfortable control and navigation.

Apple Smart Keyboard

 Our Pick
Apple Smart Keyboard
  • Smart Keyboard lets you write a term paper or create a…
  • It connects easily without the need for pairing or charging,…
  • And when you’re done, it folds to create a slim,…
  • Compatibility: iPad (9th generation), iPad (8th generation),…
  • Apple Smart Keyboard is a front cover only

The Apple Smart Keyboard is for certain Apple tablets in sizes 10.2 and 10.5 inches. The keyboard impresses with its elegant, simple design.

It is almost silent in use and is of high quality.

OMOTON Tablet Keyboard

OMOTON Tablet Keyboard
  • BROAD COMPATIBILITY: Keyboard designed for Samsung Galaxy…
  • REASONABLE LAYOUT: QWERTY layout with hot keys are…
  • STABLE SCISSOR MECHANISM: Low profile keys provide a quieter…
  • COMPACT and PORTABLE: The ultra-slim Samsung Galaxy Tab A…
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: 30-days continuous use and automatic…

Arteck HB030B Portable Keyboard

 Our Pick
Arteck HB030B Portable Keyboard
  • 7 Unique Backlight Color: 7 Elegant LED backlight with 2…
  • Broad Compatibility: Use with all four major operating…
  • 6-Month Battery Life: Rechargeable lithium battery with an…
  • Ultra Thin and Light: Compact size (9.7 X 5.9 X 0.24in) and…
  • Package contents: Arteck Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard, USB…

Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard Case

No products found.

Nulaxy Bluetooth Keyboard

Nulaxy Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Bluetooth Keyboard with Detachable Leather Cover: The…
  • Universal Compatibility: The keyboard is wide compatible for…
  • Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard: The battery is rechargeable…
  • Portable and Ultra-thin Keyboard: Low profile keys create a…
  • Reliable Connection and Precise Transmission: It provides…

Boriyuan Backlit Detachable Keyboard

Boriyuan Backlit Detachable Keyboard
  • 【iPad 10.2 inch/10.5 inch Keyboard Case Wide…
  • 【Detachable & Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard】- 3 levels of…
  • 【Multiple Viewing Angles】- With this Stylish and Elegant…
  • 【Auto Sleep/ Wake Function】- It automatically wakes or…
  • 【Package & Warranty – content includes】- 1 x keyboard…

Frequently Asked Questions: Tablet Keyboard

Who should use a tablet keyboard?

A tablet keyboard is generally suitable for everyone. The keyboards for tablets make the tablet a popular laptop alternative and everyday companion. A tablet keyboard can be used for private “games” or for school and professional purposes.

Accordingly, by adding a keyboard to the tablet, it can be used at work, in school lessons or in university lectures. The tablet keyboard expands the tablet to a work device and is therefore particularly suitable for professionals, students, schoolchildren and teachers or even for children.

In what size are tablet keyboards available?

A tablet keyboard is available on the market in many different sizes and variants. Depending on the intended use, there are separate keyboards in universal sizes or for specific devices. Convertibles are also available which contain a tablet and an associated keyboard.
Convertibles come in many intermediate sizes. The size of the keyboard is adapted to the tablet.

Roughly, tablet keyboards are currently available in the following different sizes:

  • 7 to 9 inches: Tablet keyboards of this size are mainly suitable for mobile use. Even with a keyboard, the small tablets fit in the handbag and are light because of their low weight.
  • 10 to 11 inches: The sizes of tablet keyboards between 10 and 11 inches are particularly suitable as a flexible replacement for notebooks. The screen size allows for easy legibility of content and comfortable typing on the keyboard. However, the weight becomes noticeable with prolonged use.
  • 13 to 15 inches: The XXL version of the tablet with or without a keyboard are the versions from 12 “. Due to their size, they are a real replacement for a notebook.

Which tablet keyboards are there and which one is right for you?

The question of which tablet keyboard is right for you, of course, depends on whether you already own a tablet and are looking for a keyboard to retrofit, or whether you want to buy both new.

The market is large, various manufacturers offer universal keyboards that can be used with any tablet, there are also keyboards for Android, Windows and special keyboards for the iOS system from Apple. When you buy a new tablet with a keyboard, the type of operating system used is critical. The following differences should be noted:

Intuitive, easy to use / privacy

Customizable, individual / numerous launches and apps in the largest app store / widges etc.

Individuality possible with the shape and color of the apps in the start menu / Depending on the price, desktop level is also possible

Fire OS
Focus on audio books, films and music

Apple is known for its simple and intuitive use – young and older people usually manage to use it without any problems. In addition, a big plus is certainly the topic of data protection. Access to libraries for photos or addresses can be restricted.

The Android devices are often popular because of the individuality and personalization in the system. The surface can be changed visually and functionally, and they also offer numerous launches and apps in the largest app store as well as widges or direct links.

The Windows system, however, has an identical surface. However, it is possible to customize the shape and color of the start menu. A special feature of Windows devices is the choice of different performance. You can work properly with a tablet that has a high performance.

The Fire tablet is an offer from Amazon and is more suitable for leisure fun. The focus is on audio books, films and music.

In addition, there are different offers for tablets in terms of memory and wireless capabilities. A larger, internal memory allows a free card slot for other use. It should also be noted whether a hotspot function is sufficient or an LTE tablet is necessary.

When buying a tablet keyboard, the decision depends heavily on the device type and the desired use.

If you already have a tablet and would like to retrofit a keyboard, there are options for a universal keyboard, a keyboard for Android, Windows or iOS. The three options are discussed below:

  • Universal keyboard: Many manufacturers offer universal keyboards. In principle, these can be used for any tablet. The keyboards can be connected to the tablet via Bluetooth and often even offer a touchpad.
  • Keyboard for Android or Windows: A large selection of tablet keyboards is available for the Android and Windows operating systems. They also work via Bluetooth. Most of these wireless keyboards can also be used for iOS.
  • Keyboard for iOS: Apple keyboards are functionally limited to Apple devices. However, if you are looking for a cheaper option, you can also use a universal keyboard.

Advantages of a Tablet Keyboard

Probably the greatest advantage of a tablet with a keyboard is mobility, as a tablet is usually smaller and more comfortable than a notebook. The keyboard is on the tablet with a flick of the wrist and can therefore also be used with the tablet.
Thanks to the flash memory (SSD) built into tablets, tablets with a keyboard are often quieter, more energy efficient and faster than notebooks. A good battery is therefore also a big plus.

Tablet keyboards are usually light, so tablets with or without a keyboard can convince thanks to their low weight. Another positive aspect is the price, a tablet that can be retrofitted with a keyboard or a convertible is usually cheaper than a notebook despite everything.


  • mobility
  • Quiet, energy-saving, fast thanks to flash memory
  • Touchpad
  • Light weight
  • Mostly lower purchase price


  • Intermediate piece between smartphone and notebook
  • More a device for multimedia fun than a work device
  • Data processing, image editing or gaming are mostly restricted

However, a tablet keyboard, retrofitting a keyboard or a convertible also has disadvantages compared to a notebook.

Tablets have always been an intermediate piece between smartphones and notebooks. Despite the mobility of the tablet, which is the same as the smartphone, a tablet with a keyboard can serve more as a fun device than a real work device like the notebook.

Processing data, editing images and gaming is often possible with a tablet with a keyboard, but the performance rarely comes close to that of a notebook. Tablets with high performance in this regard are particularly expensive.

Alternatives of a Tablet Keyboard

If you don’t want a tablet keyboard, a convertible or notebook is a great alternative. Depending on the size, smaller models with the associated or built-in keyboards are well suited for everyday work or education.

Tablet Keyboards: Purchase Criteria

Here we show you which aspects you can use to decide between the different tablet keyboards.

The following criteria help when comparing different keyboards:

  • Material
  • Compatibility
  • Supported tablet dimensions
  • Weight
  • Keyboard layout
  • More functions

In the following we explain to you what is important for the individual criteria.


The tablet keyboards are usually made of a PU leather cover or a plastic cover, depending on the manufacturer. The PU leather cover can be textured or smooth. Keyboards made of plastic are offered rubberized, among other things.


The compatibility with the various devices also differs depending on the provider. The keyboards can be used universally for any tablet, or specifically for Apple, Android or Windows.

Supported tablet dimensions

The keyboards are available in different sizes and therefore support tablets of different sizes. Depending on the provider, the keyboards are specially made for a tablet or universal for all possible tablets in the respective manufactured size.


The weight of the tablet keyboard varies depending on the size and material. On average, a weight between 400 and 700 grams can be expected.

More functions

Tablet keyboards can also have other different properties:

  • Battery size: Indicated in mAH
  • Bluetooth range: Specification in meters
  • Touchpad: for easy navigation
  • System and multimedia keys
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