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The Best Toner Cartridges in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

Welcome to our big toner cartridge test. Here we present you all of the toner cartridges that we have tested. We have put together detailed background information for you.

We want to make the purchase decision easier for you and help you find the best toner cartridges for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. You will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to when you buy toner cartridges.

  • Toner cartridges are required to operate a color laser printer. In contrast to conventional ink cartridges, toner cartridges do not dry out as quickly.
  • In the long term, inexpensive printing is possible with an inkjet printer. In addition, less evaluation effort is necessary with an inkjet printer.
  • The most important criteria that you should consider before buying a toner cartridge are compatibility, refillability, yield and color.

Best Toner Cartridges

GPC Image Compatible Toner Cartridge

GPC Image Compatible Toner Cartridge
18 Reviews
GPC Image Compatible Toner Cartridge
  • Information: GPC Image Black-CF400X, Cyan-CF401X,…
  • Estimated Page Yield: 2800 Pages for (1) 201X black toner…
  • Compatible Printers: Fit for Color LaserJet Pro M252dw,…
  • Package Includes: (1) User Guide + (1) Compatible 201X Black…
  • Our 201x toner cartridges deliver quality printing, give you…

The GPC image toner cartridges are an inexpensive alternative to the original. The set consists of one cartridge per color (blue, black, red and yellow). This product is suitable for the following HP M series devices.

Satisfied customers are enthusiastic about this product and don’t see any differences to the original. The cartridges can also be used in combination with the original toner.

JARBO Compatible Toner Cartridges

No products found.

IKONG Compatible Toner Cartridge

No products found.

Brother Compatible Toner Cartridge

Brother Compatible Toner Cartridge
2,229 Reviews
Brother Compatible Toner Cartridge
  • BROTHER GENUINE CARTRIDGE Brother TN 850 is a Brother…
  • YIELDS UP TO 8,000 PAGES This replacement high yield black…
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION; This professional replacement black…

HP 83A | CF283A | Toner Cartridge | Black

HP 83A | CF283A | Toner Cartridge | Black
3,299 Reviews
HP 83A | CF283A | Toner Cartridge | Black
  • Color: Black
  • Cartridge yield (approx.): 1,500 pages
  • Print with consistent, outstanding results—and avoid…
  • Small effort, big impact. Count on easy, free cartridge…
  • What’s in the box: New Original HP 83A (CF283A) toner…

Brother Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Toner Cartridge Set

Brother Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Toner Cartridge Set
424 Reviews
Brother Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Toner Cartridge Set
  • Genuine Brother toner cartridges
  • Includes TN221BK (TN-221BK) standard yield black and TN225C…
  • Black cartridge yields approx. 2500 pages; colors approx….
  • Works with Brother HL-3140CW, HL-3170CDW, HL-3180CDW,…
  • Genuine Brother supplies are designed to achieve optimum…

HP 414A | W2022A | Toner Cartridge | Yellow

HP 414A | W2022A | Toner Cartridge | Yellow
1,393 Reviews
HP 414A | W2022A | Toner Cartridge | Yellow
  • Count on high-quality, reliable printing and save time by…
  • This cartridge works with: HP Color LaserJet Enterprise…
  • Cartridge yield (approx.): 2,100 pages
  • Use Original HP Toner Cartridges to eliminate toner leaks…
  • Buy sustainable—100% of Original HP Toner Cartridges…

Brother Genuine High Yield Toner Cartridge

Brother Genuine High Yield Toner Cartridge
15,475 Reviews
Brother Genuine High Yield Toner Cartridge
  • Brother genuine cartridge: Brother TN 660 is a Brother…
  • Yields up to 2,600 Pages: This replacement high yield black…
  • Seamless integration: This professional replacement black…
  • Amazon dash replenishment cartridge: Upon activation with…
  • For use with brother laser printers and all in ones DCP…

TRUE IMAGE Compatible Toner Cartridge

TRUE IMAGE Compatible Toner Cartridge
2,138 Reviews
TRUE IMAGE Compatible Toner Cartridge
  • Include: 4 packs 410A toner cartridges compatible for HP…
  • Compatible Printers: HP Color Pro MFP M477fnw, HP Color Pro…
  • Page Yield: 2,300 pages (410A black toner) and 2,300 pages…
  • Color: 410A CF410A black toner, 410A CF411A cyan toner, 410A…

Frequently Asked Questions: Toner Cartridges

What are the advantages of toner cartridges compared to ink cartridges?

There are several differences between toner and ink cartridges. These two elementary accessories for color laser printers and inkjet printers differ primarily in terms of cost and durability.

First of all, it is important that inkjet printers only use toner cartridges. Switching to ink cartridges in color laser printers is not possible. Before we briefly explain the advantages of toner cartridges, first of all concise and briefly the advantages over cartridges for inkjet printers:

  • Long-term cheaper printing
  • Less maintenance required
  • No drying of the toner

The main advantages for you are that toner cartridges require less maintenance. Compared to ink cartridges, they do not dry out even after long periods of non-use and do not need to be changed as often. The print capacity of a toner cartridge is far beyond the printable volume of an ink cartridge.

However, there are some disadvantages as well. Thus, the energy consumption when using toner cartridges is increased. Due to the high level of contamination of the toner, borderless printing is also not possible with toner cartridges.

How does a toner cartridge work?

The toner cartridge consists of toner and a cassette. The toner contained is applied to the paper and fixed by heat. A toner cartridge is often a plastic housing that is open at the bottom. It contains toner, which has to be enclosed in these cartridges due to the high level of dirt.

In principle, the toner contained in the plastic cartridge is a powder that is used as a colorant to print on different materials. Due to the very small particle size, the powder behaves like a liquid and can be fixed on paper by means of heat.

Can I buy third party toner cartridges?

In principle, yes. However, there are advantages and disadvantages that must be considered compared to the more expensive original toner cartridges.


  • Acquisition cost
  • Same print quality


  • Pollution color laser printer
  • The guarantee may expire
  • (Often) shorter shelf life

Third-party toner cartridges (also known as “replacement toner” or “refill toner”, depending on the type) offer a very good price-performance ratio. The cartridges are usually very cheap compared to the original cartridges and usually offer the same quality in print. However, many customers also report that some cartridges are not so well made.

This can cause the color laser printer to become soiled with toner, which then smears every printout. The guarantee may also expire when the cartridges are used. In addition, most third-party toner cartridges tend to print fewer pages than the originals.

Which toner cartridges do I need for my color laser printer?

This can never be answered in general. Depending on the manufacturer and the device model, different toner cartridges must be purchased.

If you have a color laser printer and want to buy new toner cartridges, you can use the display on the device for many models to find out which toner cartridge is empty. Accordingly, you can either buy a toner cartridge for one of the colors that have become empty, a package with toner cartridges for all colors or a black and white toner cartridge.

It should be noted that every color laser printer is structured differently. The cartridge in which the toner is inserted is therefore always designed differently. Not every cartridge fits into every color laser printer. When making a purchase, you should always make sure that the advertised toner cartridge fits into the device or is compatible with it.

A common misconception is the loss of the manufacturer’s warranty when using compatible toners. The manufacturers try everything to maintain this misconception.

If a device were defective, the manufacturer would have the burden of proof that a compatible consumable was responsible for the defect. They are not permitted to refuse a warranty repair without this proof – even if it is often done in practice. Insist on your right!

Types of Toner Cartridges

Basically, one can differentiate between three different types of toner:

  • One component toner
  • Two-component toner
  • Liquid toner

Because of the different areas of application, a certain type is best for your laser printer. Due to the fact that not every toner has the same functionality, there are different advantages and disadvantages in their application.

We would therefore like to introduce you to the different types in the following section and help you find out which printer cartridge is the right one for you. We will introduce you to the types mentioned above in more detail and clearly show what their advantages and disadvantages are.

The toner cartridge or toner cartridge consists roughly of the toner powder and a drum. The powder is used to create the texts and graphics. Whereas the drum transfers the toner powder onto the paper.

One Component Toner: Advantages & Disadvantages

The one-component toner is just a single toner cartridge that combines the toner and the drum. Another special component is the developer. It is a technical component of a laser printer that is used to apply a thin layer of toner to the image drum.

In addition to the toner and developer, the cartridge also contains a developer roller that rotates around a magnet. This transports the toner particles onto the photoconductor drum and transfers them to the printer paper during the printing or copying process.

Since the developer is printed on the paper together with the color, it must be developed in such a way that it does not mix with the other colors. Exactly one cartridge is required for each color.


  • Exchange very easy
  • Cheap printing costs
  • Easy to use


  • High price for the printer
  • Environmentally harmful

For you, this means a simple and user-friendly exchange of consumables, as you can change the toner cartridge with one movement. This means that by changing the toner cartridge you completely replace the wear material at once. However, it is not particularly environmentally friendly.

One-component toners are suitable for almost all systems and are often used in laser printers in the lower and middle price segment. This variant is preferably used by private users because it is simple and inexpensive

Two Component Toner: Advantages & Disadvantages

The two-component toner consists of a separately stored toner and developer.

In contrast to the one-component toner, the developer is not transferred to the print medium, but only serves to transport the toner. The complete printing technology is located in the printer. The developer is stripped off and falls back into the toner cartridge in order to receive toner powder again. The developer is thus reused for a new printing process. Therefore, the toner has a simpler chemical composition.


  • Cheap price
  • Toner and developer can be exchanged separately


  • Changing the toner is relatively time-consuming
  • Usually higher purchase price of the devices

Two-component toners are mainly used in digital printing machines and copiers. This is due to the complex design of the devices. These days these have more functions than just copying. The purchase price of the toner is a lot cheaper. The technical printing process is, however, more complex and therefore the price for these printer devices is correspondingly higher.

Two Component Toner: Advantages & Disadvantages

The liquid toner actually consists of a transfer liquid that is mixed with tiny color particles. The print quality when using liquid toner is relatively high, as the color particles are significantly finer than with the other toner cartridges. Usually this type of toner is only used in professional printers.


  • Very good print quality
  • Toner does not need to be fused


  • Very high purchase price for the devices

The first company to bring liquid toner to market was HP Indigo. HP uses 3 core technologies, electro ink, thermal offset and color switching.

These 3 core technologies differ in the way they work, but have the result that the image quality is much better than that of dry toner. In addition, the paper leaves the printer dry and can be processed immediately.

Toner Cartridges: Purchase Criteria

In this section we will show you which factors play a role when buying a toner cartridge. This gives you the opportunity to compare and rate toner cartridges using our criteria. Ultimately, this is how you can deduce whether a toner cartridge is suitable for you or not.

All in all, the following criteria play a role when buying:

  • Compatibility
  • Black / White / Color Cartridge
  • Original toner cartridge, replacement or refill
  • Page Yield

In the following paragraphs you can look up what the individual purchase criteria mean and how you can use them for comparison.


The compatibility indicates in which color laser printer the respective cartridge can be used. When buying, make sure that compatibility is given. The compatibility is usually stated on the sales pages, for example: “Toner cartridge for the devices from (manufacturer) with the model number (different model numbers)”.

You can find the model number of your device in the instruction manual or on your device. When making a purchase, you should check whether your model number and manufacturer match the information on the sales page. Otherwise there is a risk that the toner cartridge you have purchased will not fit into your color laser printer.

Black / White / Color Cartridge

It is also important to check whether the toner cartridge offered is a color or a black and white cartridge and whether you are buying a single cartridge or a set of several.

In color laser printers, the color cartridges are separate from the black and white cartridges. Accordingly, you can buy them independently and use them in your color laser printer. Therefore, you should pay attention to what is on offer.

You can either buy a cartridge for cyan, magenta, yellow and black individually or in different combinations in a set (for example all colors and black together, i.e. 4 cartridges in one pack).

Original Toner Cartridge, Replacement or Refill

Depending on the quality and service you expect, you can choose between an original cartridge from the manufacturer of your color laser printer, a replica or a refilled toner cartridge from another supplier.

The original toner cartridges are usually priced higher than the other cartridges and guarantee reliable printing because they are specially designed and built for your device. However, imitation cartridges also offer a very good quality and performance, but there are some disadvantages that we have explained in the advisory section on this page.

A replica toner cartridge is called a rebuilt for short. A used toner cartridge that has been refilled with toner is called a refill.

For environmental friendliness, the refill cartridge is definitely a good choice, as you don’t have to constantly buy new toner cartridges.

Page Yield

The print capacity provides information about how long a toner lasts, i.e. how many pages you can print with the purchased toner cartridge. How long a toner cartridge lasts depends on its construction and how much toner it contains. Depending on the model, printing from 1000 to 10,000 pages is possible.

However, you have to note that most manufacturers do not assume a fully printed page when specifying the maximum print volume. So if you print a lot of graphics or pictures, you have to mentally reduce the specified value, as the toner charge will keep shorter.

You should also know that most manufacturers include a set of toner cartridges with their color laser printers when they ship. However, these are usually not filled in the capacity, like replacement cartridges. Accordingly, they are empty much faster and a new purchase is due earlier.

If you tinker with the quality of the print while printing, you can, for example, save money by using more gray levels of ink.

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