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The 12 Best TV’s in 2021 | Our Favorite TV Deals

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

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A cozy evening on the sofa can end well with a movie or a series. This is especially the case if you have a good TV. But what should you look for when looking out for the best TV available?

We have put together a TV product review  to help you decide to pick the right TV model. This compilation contains the best 12 TVs that we have found on the market.

Check the different manufactures, their models and make your pick.


4.3 / 5.0

If you would like to count on the latest technology in the field of televisions, then only models with an OLED display are suitable for you. This screen technology not only offers the advantage of a high-contrast display, but is also significantly more energy-efficient than LED. A good example is the LG OLED55B7D OLED TV.

This TV has a very high-resolution display thanks to the 4K quality. The same applies to a dual triple tuner. Very interesting is the built-in Dolby Atmos speaker system. For example, there are two loudspeakers available that offer a power of 40W. Real sound enthusiasts, however, should definitely put on a separate system to benefit from the best possible sound.

In addition to the ultra-thin design, the LG OLED55B7D OLED TV also grasps extra points with the aforementioned contrast, which is on a very good and competitive level. Especially the black values ​​are displayed optimally, which also applies to all other colors. So if you put a lot of emphasis on the best possible image quality, you will not regret picking this TV.

Conclusion of the LG OLED55B7D OLED TV

This OLED TV from LG is wonderfully suited for you, if you are currently for a TV that you can use for many years to come. You benefit from state-of-the-art display technology, which is not only affordable, but also offers noticeable advantages compared to LED, LCD and other displays.

2. Samsung MU6199 Ultra HD LED-TV

4.1 / 5.0

If you have a lower budget and still want to put on a large TV that dissolves the content in Ultra HD, then the Samsung MU6199 Ultra HD LED TV may well be in your favor. This TV is available in different display sizes with a great 4k display.

Digital TV reception is ensured thanks to DVB. In addition, the scope of the available port connections is quite solid. There are three HDMI and two USB ports available.

Thanks to the integrated Smart TV features, you can also use the Samsung MU6199 Ultra HD LED TV with great flexibility, for example using the various streaming services Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music and Netflix and others. So install all the apps you’re looking for and look forward to the benefits that such a Smart TV offers.

Conclusion on the Samsung MU6199 Ultra HD LED TV

If a high-resolution television with the proven LED technology is sufficient enough for you, then in any case take a closer look at this model from the manufacturer Samsung. The technical equipment can really be seen, which also applies to the price-performance ratio.

3. Sony KD-49XE8005 Ultra HD LED-TV

3.6 / 5.0

The manufacturer Sony is also known for high quality TVs. Because of this, we would like to introduce you to a model from the popular KD series. This is an Ultra HD TV based on LED technology.

The Sony KD-49XE8005 TV comes with a 49-inch display. This unit is also available with a 55-inch screen. Especially worth seeing is the mode 4K High Dynamic Range. You can expect spectacular contrasts as well as vivacious colors. In terms of depth of detail, Sony is setting some new, high standards.

Sony cooperates with Google and integrated Android TV, which offers great advantages. You can look forward to an unforgettable range of entertainment options, such as games apps from the Google PlayStore and video on demand services, which are popular among many of our readers. The Sony KD-49XE8005 Ultra HD LED TV optimally displays all media in high-quality without problems.

Conclusion to the Sony KD-49XE8005 Ultra HD LED TV

With this Sony TV, you’ll discover new details in movies, as the 4K HDR mode will deliver exceptional picture quality. This difference is definitely noticeable to you, if you still own a TV that resolves only in Full HD or HD-ready.

4. Philips 55POS9002/12 4K LED-TV

4.3 / 5.0

As an alternative to the OLED television from LG shown above, we would like to present you a model of the brand Philips. This is the high-definition Philips 55POS9002 / 12 4K LED TV, which is available for just under 1500 € for sale.

This is a very flat designed TV, which has a 3-sided Ambilight and ensures a good level of detail. Of course, the manufacturer Philips integrates all possible functions that you expect from a real Smart TV in this price range.

The High Dynamic Range mode gives this TV an advanced contrast. For example, you can expect a revolutionary color technology that will be a true novelty in your home theater system.

Conclusion to the Philips 55POS9002 / 12 4K LED TV

The Philips 55POS9002 / 12 4K LED TV is a great device that has a high-resolution display and is quite easy to use. Above all, the installed software offers some advantages and the classic features of a smart TV, so you can use this device quite flexible and extensive.

5. DYON Enter 40 Pro-X Full HD-TV LED-Display

3.8 / 5.0

If you just need a TV with Full HD, which may even can be a small display too, the you can choose the DYON Enter 40 Pro-X. It wonderfully can be used as a second device in your own home.

This is a TV that is available in various display sizes up to a 48-inch. Look forward to a solid Full HD picture and also the the electronic program guide feature.

The manufacturer DYON also includes a HD triple tuner. Thus, a limitless TV pleasure is guaranteed, as you can receive all the usual entertainment media, which includes antenna, cable and satellite.

Conclusion to the DYON Enter 40 Pro-X

If you have low demands on your TV and you want to spend as little money as possible on a good Full HD model, you will not regret your choice with the DYON Enter 40 Pro-X. Instead, you benefit from a solid price-performance ratio. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for a second device or a TV for your offspring.

6. Grundig 49 VLX 6000 BP Ultra HD-TV

3.6 / 5.0

What applies to the DYON brand televisions also applies to the Grundig models. You can expect proven quality of the middle class and still benefit from features that are often only available with the most expensive devices.

A good example is the Grundig 49 VLX 6000 BP Ultra HD television. This model comes with a display that measures up to 65 inches. The panel presents the content in a high-resolution Ultra HD and has a handy HDR mode and a triple tuner.

Of course, the classic features that make a true Smart TV stand out are also available on the Grundig 49 VLX 6000 BP Ultra HD TV. You can use the apps of the well-known streaming services, such as Amazon Video or Netflix.

Conclusion on the Grundig 49 VLX 6000 BP Ultra HD TV

This Grundig brand TV scores with a solid price-performance ratio and a good workmanship. If you want to use a TV with 4K and spend as little money as possible for a maximum display size, then you could be quite well served with this device of the traditional brand.

7. Panasonic TX-39EW334 LCD-TV

4.0 / 5.0

The Panasonic TX-39EW334 still uses the somewhat outdated LCD technology. Nevertheless, you can benefit from a good price-performance ratio, considering the display size. The screen dissolves in Full HD.

With the included HD Triple Tuner, you benefit from an endless selection of digital programs that you can easily receive via satellite, antenna and cable.

Very interesting is the integrated media player that Panasonic uses. It is really easy to play movies, photos or even music directly via USB. If you want to present your favorite pictures on the big TV for your family, this is very easy to realize.

Conclusion to the Panasonic TX-39EW334 LCD TV

Be aware that the display technology being used is outdated on the Panasonic TX-39EW334. Yet it scores with a solid menu and surprisingly many features, which makes it a great choice as a second TV in the bedroom or kitchen.

8. Hisense H65AE6400 LED Ultra HD

3.9 / 5.0

The Hisense brand TVs are advertised at numerous sports events worldwide. This is just one reason why the models have been sold quite often. For example, the manufacturer relies on surprisingly good technical features and a 4K resolution that is truly impressive.

Especially interesting is the model Hisense H65AE6400. This is a TV with Ultra HD, which has a 65-inch display. Of course, you can also expect a triple tuner and features of a real smart TV.

Especially the practical 4K upscaling is an important advantage if you want to use this device in everyday life. Poorly quality videos & images are automatically scaled up to HD.  For real gamers, there is also a special mode available, which increases the image refresh rate of the TV.

Conclusion to the Hisense H65AE6400 LED TV

This high-quality LED TV from Hisense offers many advantages and a good 4K Ultra HD image. So if you want to buy at least one such TV and pay as little money as possible for a large display, then you should take a look at the Hisense H65AE6400.

9. Telefunken XF32D101 Full HD-TV

3.9 / 5.0

Another alternative for low-cost tv models  is the Telefunken XF32D101. This device is equipped with a Full HD display. You can still from a solid image quality.

Thanks to the integrated triple tuner, a diverse connection technology is ensured for you, regardless of whether you want to receive digital TV via satellite or via cable.

Conclusion to the Telefunken XF32D101

The Telefunken XF32D401 is a low-cost TV with a Full HD display. This model is great for your baby, or as the main unit, unless you turn on your TV too often.

10. TCL U49P6006 UHD-TV

3.9 / 5.0

Similar to the manufacturer Hinsense, the brand TCL aims at consumers who want to get the largest possible display for as little money as possible. Especially interesting is the TCL U49P6006 UHD TV from the extensive product range of this manufacturer.

You can rely on modern features such as the practical UHD upscaling. Thanks to the built-in triple tuner, you can ensure optimum reception. A CI + shaft is also available for you to use a corresponding module of a pay-TV provider.

Enjoy high-definition TV moments with this device, which is mainly guaranteed by the revolutionary 4K HDR technology. So if you have the right content, such as offered by Netflix or Amazon Video services, you can ensure outstanding image quality.

Conclusion to the TCL U49P6006

If you would like to spend as little money as possible on a well-equipped 4K TV, then the TCL U49P6006 could be a great choice.

11. Techwood H32T11A HD-ready Fernseher

4.3 / 5.0

A good example of a solid second device for the bedroom or kitchen is the TV model Techwood H32T11A. The manufacturer uses this display in sizes from 20 inches to 40 inches, while you can look forward to an HD-ready resolution.

Of course, this screen resolution is outdated, but it should be enough for you if you rarely turn on your TV or want to use it as a second device.

Thanks to the built-in Triple Tuner, all reception technologies are taken care of and you can also benefit from numerous connections to connect your technical devices to the Techwood H32T11A.

Conclusion to the Techwood H32T11A

If you are looking for a decent HD-ready TV, which is available at a good price and scores with a solid technology, then he Techwood H32T11A is definitely one of them.

12. LG 55LJ615V Full HD-TV

4.0 / 5.0

From the manufacturer LG, we have already introduced a modern OLED TV at the top. Of course, this brand also introduces classic LED TVs in its own range, such as the LG 55LJ615V Full HD TV.

This model comes with a display size of up to 55-inches and is characterized with a good screen quality. However, the resolution is “only” Full HD. But the price is on the lower end for  55-inch displays.

LG pre-installs the system Web OS 3.5. So it’s easy for you to enjoy great Smart TV features. If you are interested, use the apps of the streaming services.

Conclusion to the LG 55LJ615V Full HD TV

LG delivers with this device a good Full HD TV. The LED display provides a good color representation and leaves nothing else to be desired.

How To Choose The Best TV?

We would like to present our ultimate TV buying guide, which may help you in choosing the perfect TV for your home.

Among all the many TV choices you have, it is being said that you cannot pass on an OLED TV if you want the best picture quality. The best models come, according to many independent reviewers from the manufacturer LG.

Also, there is allegedly little difference in TVs between a Full HD or 4K resolution according to those independent reviewers. But this is not true. The differences are massive. Perhaps the reviewers did not have the correspondingly high-resolution TVs available.

The TV - The Most Important Part of your Home Cinema Center

In almost every household there is a TV in the living room. The TV is nowadays a central entertainment hub in your home. You can not only watch the classic TV program but also connect streaming services or a game console with it and massively expand the general functionality.

The market of modern televisions is extremely diverse and impresses with numerous different models and different techniques, such as LED, OLED, plasma or LCD. We’ll explain all the technologies as well as the pros and cons in this buying guide, so you’re sure to find just the right TV for your needs.

Just in case you are unsure about the choice of a TV and have certain expectations about your new TV, find out more here and drastically reduce the likelihood of a bad purchase.

Which Type of TV Model Should You Get?

Today, in addition to the older versions, such as LCD or tube devices, there are also other common types of TV about which we would like to enlighten you with the following paragraphs. For a modern TV, you should pay special attention to the display technology and features details described later.


Particularly widespread are LED TVs. These TVs are equipped with an LED display that offer the benefit of good lighting. Especially in comparison to older technologies, LED TVs are usually very narrow. In terms of contrast and brightness, LED TVs leave nothing to be desired.

A LED TV is great for you, if you are looking for a good TV, which scores with a solid price-performance ratio and offers a modern technology at top conditions. You get a real cinematic feeling in your own four walls and you can look forward to a solid quality in terms of image display, contrast and brightness.

In addition to the display technology, the resolution and the display size is very important. The same applies to the available connections, connection options via WLAN and Smart TV functions, which are available with most LED TV models today.


OLEDs are a further development of the LED displays. Compared to classic LED panels, you benefit from an optimized display of the image, especially with regards to the brightness. But the dark, natural black that can be seen, which, in addition to the generally better luminosity, represents a central advantage of this advanced technology. This also applies to the more clear white coloring which will impress you with the new OLED technique. This results in much better image contrast.

At present, OLED televisions continue to beat at rather high prices. However, if you want to keep up with the times and get yourself a TV that has a modern screen technology, then you should best turn to an OLED TV. This is especially recommended for gamers, where fast image sequences play a central role.

Also, keep in mind that OLED displays consume much less energy than LED panels. Slim design of these panels also provides new design options.


4K is used to described the resolution of the displays, which can apply to a TV. There are only a few differences between 4K and UHD, so you can count UHD TVs in this category as well.

Compared to TVs that use HD ready or Full HD resolution, you can look forward to a much sharper picture. 4K displays offer 4 times more pixels than Full HD. However, you should also have 4K videos ready that the TV can play. In classical playback devices, for example, Blu-rays are mentioned.

If you rely on streaming your movies, documentaries and series via Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, then a sufficiently fast Internet connection should be available to you, so that the playback of the high-resolution 4K content can be realized without any problems. 4K TVs are also available for LED and OLED devices.

Smart TV

Curved TVs are TVs that have a curved display. This creates better viewing angles and a spatial image is displayed, which many television fans prefer. However, Curved models are still very expensive, so you need to budget accordingly. The larger the display is, the stronger this mentioned effect of the spatial representation is pronounced. So, it does not make much sense to rely on a Curved TV that only has a 42-inch screen.

It is best to have a look at this TV in an electronics store of your choice and convince yourself of this Curved technique. In any case, remember to deactivate the demo material and switch on the classic TV program instead. Extra tip: Ask for test equipment in a retail store while testing. These are often much cheaper for you. If the display looks good and has no errors, you can be sure that you will not have to worry about quality issues.

Important TV Features You Should Look Out For

Attention: You should know that, if you have already decided on a display technique, it is important that you consider some of the most relevant features. In order to provide you with assistance, we have attached a practical overview for you to help you find your way around.

TV Display Resolution

The display resolution should not be disregarded when choosing a suitable model under any circumstances. Today at least Full HD TVs are widespread (resolution 1,920 x 1,080 pixels). On the other hand, if you have a larger budget available, it’s best to opt for a 4K TV.

This means that you are always on the safe side, which is the support of all content in the coming years. Especially users of streaming services should opt for this UHD or 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160) to get the best possible picture quality.

Televisions with displays that only resolve in HD ready (1,280 x 720 pixels) are, depending on the user and application, suitable for a second device, which is often used in the bedroom or in the kitchen.

Display Size

In addition to the resolution, the size of the display still plays an important role. Depending on the size of the room and the distance to the screen, a specific diagonal should be used. Of course, your personal preferences and the available budget also depend on the choice of display size. Keep in mind, however, that for larger displays, the Full HD resolution will be slightly worse than for a smaller model. Of course, you do not need to pay attention to this with 4K televisions.

Be sure to evaluate your budget for your new TV and then commit yourself to a good TV set, of which we have listed some good models from the reputed brand manufacturers above.

TV Antenna For Good Reception

Most modern TV sets already have all the technical requirements to receive the signal via cable and satellite. The digital antenna can be used via DVB-T. For the best possible reception quality, just make sure that your chosen TV has a triple tuner.

Otherwise, you can combine any TV that has an HDMI port with a convenient stick. For this, both the Amazon Fire Stick and the Google Chromecast come into consideration for you. Turn a classic TV into a real Smart TV and access the Netflix and Co. program. Thus, it is no problem for you that you can easily extend the functionality of the TV set.

TV Ports

Each TV is equipped with some connections. In addition to HDMI, especially a USB port can be important. Please pay attention to your technical components and evaluate them to ensure the number of connections required. For most consumers, several HDMI or USB ports are necessary.

If your TV can connect to the router via Wi-Fi, you will save a connection port. This is convenient if you want to use as few cables as possible. In addition, Wi-Fi TVs generally also provide all the basic Smart TV features that allow you to access the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) and other things, such as streaming and a browser to surf the web directly from the TV.

TV Refresh Rate

This is stated in Hertz. The refresh rate represents the number of frames that can be displayed by the TV screen per second. Basically, you should remember that starting at 30 frames per second, you can not distinguish between individual pictures. But especially for games with a console, it is important that you pay attention to a high refresh rate. This ensures that you always have a fluid representation of your images displayed on the TV. For action-packed films, of course, this is also desirable.

Which TV is The Best For You?

You should pay attention to this. Now that we have put together an overview of the most important features, it is still important that you evaluate your application behavior and then commit yourself to a suitable TV set. Please note down your product features, functions and relevant technical data. Depending on the target group you will find some helpful hints.

TV For The Occasional Movie Evenings

If you rarely use your TV, then an absolute top notch model at a very high price is nothing for you. Instead, you should put on a good TV, which is characterized by a good price-performance ratio. Full HD is recommended for you, as you will benefit from a solid image quality. Cheap HD-ready models, which are available as a second device could also be the right fit for you.

TV For Regular Use

For regular TV consumers, a Full HD TV should definitely be the choice. Thus all your films, series and documentaries can be presented in a good quality. Many times, LED TVs from the entry-level range already offer some smart TV functions that are quite practical in everyday life.

TV For Real Movie Friends & Series Junkies

If you count yourself among this target group, you should definitely take a closer look at 4K TVs. Thus, you benefit from a maximum resolution and great pictures, if you have the appropriate sources. However, with Netflix, it is important to ensure that you can use 4K streaming. This requires the premium Netflix account and a fast Internet connection.

TV For Home Theater Fans

For ambitious home cinema owners, a TV should be bought that is equipped with the largest possible display and offers a good resolution. For example, 4-inch 65-inch TVs are a good choice for this purpose. Often, a triple tuner is available for the best possible reception. In addition, these devices can also be connected via Wi-Fi to the Internet. Install all of your desired apps, such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Maxdome or even YouTube, to access a full portfolio of content.

Which TV is The Best For You?

Many consumers resort to an expensive TV set, which in the end is not used too often. We therefore recommend that you evaluate your usage behavior individually and look at both Full HD and 4K TVs, provided that you have not had any experience with the high-resolution version yet.

If you watch TV every day, then such a model could already make the difference for you. Demanding TV users benefit from a very good picture and a solid sound. However, for the best possible sound experience, you should definitely use an external system.

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