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best window cleaning robots

The Best Window Cleaning Robots in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

Do you want to keep cleaning windows, get more back pain and work even more? No? Then window cleaning robots are just right for you! You can lean back while the fully automated helpers do their job. This saves you time and allows you to focus on more important things in life.

In our large window cleaning robot test we have answered your questions. We help you to find your perfect cleaning robot. You haven’t been able to choose between the countless models so far? No problem! We have compared the most popular window cleaning robots for you, listed the advantages and disadvantages of the different types to make your decision easier.

  • Window cleaning robots make your work much easier. You can easily clean the windows of your winter garden or patio roof with the right glass cleaner.
  • There are two types of cleaning robots on the market – round and square. Both differ in the way they clean windows. In addition, you can differentiate between operation, sensors and power supply.
  • Square window cleaning robots with a spray function are the best devices for cleaning tasks. But they also cost the most money. Otherwise you can also switch to cheaper alternatives.

Best Window Cleaning Robots

HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot

HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot
152 Reviews
HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot
  • Please read Manual before use! We created video manual for…
  • Do NOT use on frames with non-rectangular (rounded) edges….
  • Most issues with using the Robot are eliminated by…
  • Brushless DC Motor has longer life and lower noise. Washer…
  • AI-technology and Control via Smartphone APP or Remote. 3…

HOBOT-388 Window Glass Cleaning Automatic Smart Robot

HOBOT-388 Window Glass Cleaning Automatic Smart Robot
49 Reviews
HOBOT-388 Window Glass Cleaning Automatic Smart Robot
  • HOBOT is Hi-Tech Product. Please Watch Video Manual and read…
  • Do NOT use on frames with non-rectangular (rounded) edges….
  • Brushless DC Motor has longer life and lower noise. Washer…
  • Window Glass Cleaning New Smart Home Robot Cleaner with…
  • AI-technology and Control via Smartphone APP or Remote. 3…

Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot

 Our Pick
Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot
866 Reviews
Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot
  • Why Choose W120-T: Intelligent cleaning routes, Clean your…
  • Easy Operation: Control your robot in three simple ways:…
  • Square Shape Covers More: W120-T Covers maximumly 99% of the…
  • Multi-levels of Safety Guarantee: Multi-direction…
  • Warranty and Product Specifications: Warranty: 1 Year….

Wexbi Window Cleaner Robot

Wexbi Window Cleaner Robot
33 Reviews
Wexbi Window Cleaner Robot
  • 👍 FAST AND QUIET: Brushless motor. Wexbi W189 is the…
  • 👉 BUILT IN UPS ANTI-FALLING SYSTEM : Protect the robot…
  • 🎮 MORE CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE : Automatically back to…

HOBOT-198 Glass and Window Cleaning Automatic Robot

HOBOT-198 Glass and Window Cleaning Automatic Robot
60 Reviews
HOBOT-198 Glass and Window Cleaning Automatic Robot
  • AI-technology, works ONLY with power cord. Embedded UPS…
  • Minimum surface size – 13х13 inch. For any glass thickness…
  • Vacuum engine (held without magnets)
  • 3 programs for automatic cleaning of surfaces
  • Control via smartphone or remote

Cop Rose X5P Window Cleaner

Cop Rose X5P Window Cleaner
9 Reviews
Cop Rose X5P Window Cleaner
  • Cop Rose Window Cleaning Robot X5Plus suitable for multiple…
  • Cleaning cloth can be replaced, free for 2 pcs cleaning…
  • Intelligent cleaning, auto mode in three directions, clean…
  • Built-in Undisturbed power system, keeps running for 30…
  • Product warranty: 1 year. We are confident in our good…

Window Cleaning Robot: All You Need To Know

In this section we would like to give you an understanding of the important factors that you need to know when buying your window cleaning robot. To help you make the right decision, we recommend reading the entire section.

In summary, these are the following criteria:

  • Operation
  • Cleaning process
  • Sensors
  • Power supply
  • Shape


Window cleaning robots have the property that they can be controlled by various methods. Often even the AI ​​does all of the work – cool, isn’t it? In any case, there are some differences between the operating functions.

  1. The remote control function is normal for window cleaning robots. Most devices are currently powered in this way. Disadvantage of the remote controls – you have to look for them again and again.
  2. The newer models can be operated via app. This is good because the devices offer more functionality. On the one hand, you always have your mobile phone at hand and do not have to rely on the buttons on the remote control. This allows you to give your window cleaning robot more extensive tasks that it can carry out for you.

Unfortunately, your window cleaning robot cannot start work completely independently. That means you still have to wire it up and turn it on.

Every window cleaning robot has minimal differences in control. Therefore, you should always read the operating instructions for using the app or remote control.

Cleaning Process

The cleaning method always depends on the type of window cleaning robot you have. You either have a window cleaning robot with a spray function, microfiber cloths or breasts.

Depending on which window you want to clean, different methods are recommended. It is also important whether the windows are just dusty or really dirty. Some features are better than others.

Some window cleaning robots are equipped with brushes like vacuum cleaners. They suck themselves to the windows by means of negative pressure, whereby a separate motor makes the brushes rotate. Such models are only suitable for dusty windows.

Microfiber cloths
It is often described whether a window cleaning robot only has microfiber cloths or whether a spray function is built in. If it is only equipped with a microfiber cloth, you have to spray your window pane with window cleaning agent beforehand.

If there is a spray function, you have a window cleaning robot with a water tank. That’s pretty handy. This is where the robot does all of your work. He sprays the cleaning agent on the window and wipes it off with a microfiber cloth.

Window cleaning robots with spray function and water tank are definitely the winners in terms of the cleaning process. This is where you will save most of the work. In addition, such robots are suitable for all types of pollution.

With spray functions, you cannot always select the cleaning agent yourself.

Stronger detergents should be able to handle heavy dirt. But it can also happen that it attacks your robot’s tank.


You have to look very carefully at the sensors. If it’s badly placed, no matter how good your detergent is, the pane won’t clean. It is important where the sensors are placed.

Depending on the shape of your window cleaning robot, the sensors should be adapted to it.

  • In the case of round robots, the impact sensors must not protrude beyond the cleaning fleece. Then you get very large, dirty corners.
  • Square robots can have the problem that the sensors are too deep in the frame. They may also be incorrectly calibrated. This can lead to the fact that your window cleaning robot does not recognize a frame and continues to drive against it.

So here you have to factor in the shape of your robot as well. It is also important to mention what kind of windows you want to clean. Window cleaning robots can also clean frameless windows. But this must be stated by the manufacturer.

Such robots then also have sensors on the underside. So you can see the edge of the frameless window. If these sensors are not present, the robot will fall off the window.

Window cleaning robots for frameless panes have different sensors than conventional robots. The second you should never have frameless windows cleaned, otherwise they can be damaged.

Power Supply

Cable window cleaning robots are often among the better devices in the industry. But more and more battery-operated devices are establishing themselves.

The advantage of wireless window cleaning robots is that you are not tied to an electrical outlet. Therefore, you can move your window cleaning robot freely and also use it to clean your winter garden. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of such models:


  • High flexibility
  • Interchangeability of the battery
  • Larger scope


  • Only short periods of use (often only 50 minutes)
  • Long charging cycles (up to three hours)

When choosing between a battery and a cable, you need to know how big your windows are and where your sockets are. Otherwise a decision can be difficult.

With very large windows you should not use a battery, as the cleaning times take a long time.
If there is no power socket near the window, you can use a window cleaning robot with a battery.

Your pitched roof or conservatory roof is probably best processed with a cable-operated window cleaning robot.

Since the panes are very large, you do without the loading times and can let your robot work permanently.


In terms of shape, you can see a difference between window cleaning robots. Some are round, the other angular. That should have been it. The differences are as follows.

  • You can pretty much always find round window cleaning robots. They are inspired by vacuum cleaner robots. The problem with the shape is that windows are square – the robots are round. Therefore, they do not get into the corners of your panes and cannot clean them. So you have to rework by hand.
  • Square window cleaning robots are a better choice. You can also easily clean the corners of your panes. Nevertheless, it can happen here that you have to wipe again. Sometimes the dirt is too stubborn.

If you can’t decide between round and square window cleaning robots, you should always take the square models. They can clean your discs much better than their round competitors.

If, on the other hand, you should have round windows, you will of course use a round cleaning robot. In such cases these will light up properly.

Types of Window Cleaning Robots

When you’re ready to buy a window cleaning robot, there are two types of products you can choose between. The following table gives you a brief overview:

Window cleaning robot with spray function
Window cleaning robots with a spray function clean windows extremely thoroughly. With such models you will achieve the best results with little effort and maximum safety.

Cordless window cleaning robot
Cordless window cleaning robots give you the greatest possible flexibility. You can do everything that normal window cleaning robots can do – you just aren’t tied to the power sockets.

There are also normal window cleaning robots without special features or robots that combine all properties. The division into subgroups is therefore very difficult. Still, this should be enough as a rough guide.

In the following section we went into a little more detail on the individual types. If you need more information, don’t be afraid to read the sections.

Window cleaning robot with spray function

Window cleaning robots with water tanks often have a spray function. This feature is probably the best that window cleaning robots can deliver. This enables you to clean even very dirty windows.


  • No pre-spraying necessary
  • Less work
  • Lower work risk


  • Higher weight due to the water tank
  • Constant refilling of the tank
  • Not suitable for all cleaning agents
  • Expensive

If you have the necessary money and want to buy a window cleaning robot, it is definitely worth buying a model like this. You are spared the work of spraying the window yourself and you can lean back and relax.

Window cleaning robots with a spray function are particularly suitable for very large windows. By working independently, you are less exposed to danger. For example, this reduces the risk of falling off the ladder while you are cleaning the window yourself.

Cordless window cleaning robot

The biggest advantage of battery-powered window cleaning robots is that they are not tied to a power cord. So you can move them around the house and place them on any pane.

Window cleaning robots that are operated wirelessly have another advantage – if the power unit is damaged, you can easily replace it. You can find replacement batteries from any manufacturer.


  • High flexibility
  • Larger working range


  • Greater weight
  • Very long charging cycles (up to three hours)
  • Short working hours (often only 50 minutes)

Of course there are downsides here. Window cleaning robots with batteries have long charging times and can only work for a short time. The performance is reduced again if they have a spray function and are made even heavier by the water tank.

Think carefully about whether you want to get a window cleaning robot with a battery. At the moment the batteries are still too weak and the demands of the robots are too high to allow efficient work.

By now you should already have a good understanding of window cleaning robots. You should know what to look out for when buying and have already received some purchase recommendations. Then it is now time to answer your questions.

FAQ’s: Window Cleaning Robot

The most important questions about window cleaning robots will be answered here. We have filtered out the most important questions from Internet users and responded to them. When you have read through the guide, you should have enough knowledge to be able to decide on the right robot.

How does a window cleaning robot work?

A window cleaning robot can work in different ways. Therefore, different robots are developed for different uses.
Some window cleaning robots can clean sloping ceilings, others can even clean upside down. But basically they are all structured the same:

  • Handle
  • Cable connection for power and safety line
  • All-round buffer
  • Sensors on the sides and bottom
  • Suction unit
  • Cleaning surfaces

These should be roughly the components that you can find in every window cleaning robot. So that window cleaning robots can clean your glass roof, for example, the suction unit must be very strong.

The construction of the suction unit decides whether the robot can work on sloping ceilings or only vertical ones. Therefore, you should look at the reviews of the product before buying. People who have experience with their window cleaning robot can certainly help you.

Often the product descriptions do not state exactly what you can use the robot for. If you have a spray nozzle and water tank, you can work on dirty windows well. Otherwise you have to pre-spray independently. If you are uncertain, you should research.

What shape should a window cleaning robot have?

It all depends on the shape of your windows. Otherwise, the respective models also come with their own features. Here you have an overview of both forms.

Round window cleaning robots

Such robots wander in wave shapes across the window. The suction unit is integrated in both wipers. This allows a vacuum to be created in both wiping surfaces. The good thing is that the negative pressure is never in the working wiping surface.

So the robot can move smoothly and clean everything. Due to its round shape, however, it doesn’t get into any corners.


  • Compact structure
  • Very easy
  • Cheaper to buy


  • Inferior cleaning results
  • No corner cleaning

Round robots have their advantages and disadvantages. They are particularly suitable as entry-level models if you want to try out the field.

Since the wiping result is worse with such robots, you often have to lend a hand yourself. But that speaks against the purpose of the robot. Therefore, such models are often not recommended.

Square window cleaning robots

Square window cleaning robots have the property that they clean the windows in lanes.

The suction unit is in the center of the robot. As soon as the robot hits one of the window edges, it changes direction. This is parallel to the old cleaning direction.

Using this method, the entire window is thoroughly cleaned. This is done until the entire window is cleaned. A cool feature with new models – you drive back to the starting point after your work is done. So you can easily take them off.


  • Very good cleaning
  • Better results thanks to the central suction unit
  • Cleaning corners


  • Models are very heavy
  • Price-intensive

Such models are suitable for really large panes of glass. If you want to clean your conservatory, you can choose one of them.

“Square cleaning robots have a better washing quality and can also clean corners. This means you have to work less. Therefore these are the optimal cleaning machines. “

What you choose is entirely up to you. Whether you want a round cleaning robot to get you started or you want to use window cleaning robots professionally often depends on the shape of both. With different shape, you can expect different costs and opportunities.

Why is a window cleaning robot useful?

Window cleaning robots are useful because they can do a lot of the work for you. This is particularly worthwhile with large windows. As you work autonomously, you clean the panes almost on your own.

All you have to do is put the robots on a new pane after the work is done. Otherwise you can also use it for your conservatory roof. Cleaning windows overhead is very strenuous and dangerous. The little robots can help you there.

Summary, one can say:

  • Take a lot of work off when you have large windows in your house.
  • Reduce the risk of accidents at work when cleaning windows because you don’t have to stand on the ladder yourself.
  • Take care of your back.

Even so, you should take into account the initial cost and the fact that you still have to move it from window to window. So far, robots have not been able to do this by themselves. If it ever comes to this, it is definitely worth getting one.

Window cleaning robot alternatives

Alternatives to window cleaning robots are conventional rags / window wipers, magnetic window cleaners or window vacs. The latter are real progress. It’s worth taking a look there.

We will probably no longer have to explain the normal use of the rag / window wiper to you. Either you are still cleaning with a rag or you did once. Anyway, anything on the list is better than either of them. What you choose in the end is entirely up to you.

The following list gives you a rough overview:

Magnetic window cleaner

One can often not imagine anything under magnetic window cleaners. Basically they are two lobes. These are attached to the outside and inside of the pane and are connected by a magnet.

There are other high quality models available if you plan on using it more often. After all, it saves half your time as you only have to clean once.

Window vac

Window vacs make window cleaning extremely easy. Not only is a large part of the work done for you here, they are also available in inexpensive versions. From our own experience you can say that window vacs are suitable for everyone. Also for large windows.

All you have to do is drive down your window with the vacuum cleaner and voilà!

Our recommendation are the window vacs. They have similar properties to window cleaning robots and are more efficient than magnetic window cleaners. Ultimately, they make your life in that area a lot easier.

When you buy a window vacuum, you should pay attention to the brand of the device. Better to dig deeper into your wallet, as such machines last longer and offer better features.

Which cleaning agent do I need for a window cleaning robot?

The better the cleaning agent, the easier it is for the window cleaning robot to clean windows and achieve better results.

Still, you have to be careful which detergent you use. Not all window cleaning robots are suitable for all cleaning agents. Some cleaners can attack the electronics or the tanks if they are too concentrated.

If in doubt, the instruction manual will tell you which cleaner you can use. Otherwise you can also ask the manufacturer directly. Many have customer service that is there for you 24/7 to answer your questions.

You can usually use any glass cleaner. Some are even specially designed for window cleaning robots. You can buy these at amazon.de, for example.

Which window cleaning robot is suitable for my winter garden?

We have already introduced you to our favorites, which are the best way to clean your conservatory. Many window cleaning robots are suitable for this task. You should actually be able to use all of them for normal windows as well.

From time to time it can happen that the robots are not suitable for sloping surfaces. Likewise, not every robot can work upside down. Then the suction force would be too low. This is often stated in the operating instructions or product description, but does not always have to be the case.

To avoid nasty surprises, you should take a look at the customer ratings. There it is often said whether the robot is made for glass roofs or not. In general, it is worth addressing customer support with such questions.

Alternatively, you can work on your conservatory with a window vacuum. However, this can lead to accidents if you are inexperienced at work. Otherwise it is also possible to hire cleaning companies.

How do I clean a window cleaning robot?

Cleaning your window cleaning robot is very easy. All you have to do is change your robot’s wipes. This is a little different for each robot, but the steps should be as follows:

  1. Buy and unpack a new microfiber cloth for window cleaning robots
  2. Remove the old microfiber cloth
  3. Put on a new cloth

That should be it. The hardest task is finding the right cloth for your robot. Therefore, you should check the provider’s website and order a new one there.

How to change the microfiber cloth is described in the operating instructions. If you can’t quite cope with this, you can call customer support here again.

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