car rental spain

Tips for Car Rental in Spain

Spain, one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe, has breath-taking beaches, numerous charming cities with cultural heritage and varied landscapes that can be easily explored with a rental car. Since the country has well-developed and safe roads and traveling by train is often expensive and time-consuming, a rental… Read More »Tips for Car Rental in Spain

car rental usa

Tips for Car Rental in the USA

Cruising through the USA with a rental car – that promises freedom and adventure. The land of unlimited possibilities really offers a lot for tourists: beautiful beaches in Florida or California, rugged mountains in the Rocky Mountains, breathtaking national parks like the Grand Canyon, exciting nightlife in New York and… Read More »Tips for Car Rental in the USA

car rental italy

Tips for Car Rental in Italy

A trip with a rental car through Italy means great landscapes and countless ancient sights. At the wheel of a rental car, tourists are absolutely flexible and can decide every morning whether they should go to a Roman excavation, a museum visit or a day at the beach. For the… Read More »Tips for Car Rental in Italy

car rental france

Tips for Car Rental in France

Hardly any other country in Europe offers travelers as much variety and individuality as France. With the rental car, visitors can conquer the Ch’tis region – the Nord-Pas-de-Calais – the sun-drenched Côte d’Azur, wild Brittany, the breathtaking, natural Pyrenees or one of the metropolises. No other form of travel promises… Read More »Tips for Car Rental in France

car rental canada

Tips for Car Rental in Canada

Without a rental car to visit Canada, it is only worthwhile for fans of city trips. Public transportation is not a great option for exploring the country’s natural beauties. However, there are some rules on Canadian roads that are unusual for visitors. The right rental car for your vacation in… Read More »Tips for Car Rental in Canada

What are Mistake Fares?

What is a Mistake Fare? A mistake fare is a price error when booking a trip, more specifically, it is an incorrect price for air tickets. Mistake Fares mostly arise from human errors, for example, they forgot to add a 0 or booked business class seats with economy tariffs. Mistake… Read More »What are Mistake Fares?

what are open return tickets

What is an Open Return Ticket?

Open Return Tickets explained As the name suggests, an open return ticket is a flight ticket where the return flight is open and does not have to be booked in advance. This type of plane ticket is perfect for everyone who wants to travel for a long time. For example,… Read More »What is an Open Return Ticket?

what are air miles

What are Air Miles?

Air Miles explained Those who travel a lot by plane usually try to save as much as possible when booking a flight. It’s even better if you don’t have to pay anything with the help of accumulated flight miles! But what exactly are flight miles and how do you collect… Read More »What are Air Miles?