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ci module explained

Audio, Video & TV: CI Module or Receiver for good TV reception?

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

what is a ci module

A CI module is a good alternative to the receiver. Especially since the module is very space-saving. Of course, certain requirements are required to use this module. The TV set must be designed for this, which means that a CI slot must be available.

The module is not much larger than a check card and is pushed into the slot provided on the TV. With the inserted card, it receives all digital and HD programs that have been ordered. It doesn’t matter which provider you choose. The module and card are usually offered for rent or purchase. It is important to ensure that the TV is also CI compatible and not only offers CI. Because reception with a CI module is only possible with a CI slot.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of the CI Module

The CI module is a space-saving alternative to the receiver. While the receiver needs its stand and the cable connections, the module is pushed into the slot. The module does not need any cable connections, just the smart card for the reception.

The disadvantage compared to a receiver is, of course, that the TV must be designed for one module. In most cases, the TV still has to be paired with the module. Setting up the card in the event of any malfunctions is also quite easy. You pull the module out of the TV, wait a moment, and put it back in.

With the receiver, you usually have to restore the factory settings and run a lengthy program storage process again. With the module, however, you cannot watch a time-shifted TV and you cannot record programs or films.

Does the CI Module work with satellite and cable?

This question can be answered with a clear yes. Both cable operators and satellite television operators offer the CI module with a suitable card and booked additional programs. This also applies to most private HD channels. It also depends on the provider of the transmitter, since not all providers offer the same transmitter. This is particularly true for foreign TV channels. These are usually to be paid extra but can be received via the card. The same applies to pay-TV channels.

Pay TV is also available

Pay-TV channels can also be received with CI module and smart card. However, there is a difference between the normal card. The module remains the same, only you have to use a different smart card that is specially designed for the Pay-TV station. You should ask the seller of the Pay TV directly whether the respective program can be received via module.

CI Module and TV - How does it work together?

Most TV sets today have at least one slot for the CI module. The completely new devices have already integrated this so that you only need a card. Compatibility can also be requested from the specialist dealer.


The CI module is a space and cable saving alternative to the receiver. It is less prone to malfunction and does not require an external power supply. Of course, the television must also support CI, otherwise, reception is not possible. However, the module cannot record any programs or films. The receiver with a hard disk is the better choice.

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