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clubhouse social app

Clubhouse: How Does The New Social App Work?

The audio-based social app “Clubhouse” is the talk of the town at the moment. Many still don’t know what exactly the app is all about and how to sign up for it. We give you an overview of the new Clubhouse hype.

The "Clubhouse" App - An Overview

Unlike other social media apps, you can’t just sign up for Clubhouse right now. You can download the app from the app store and get a username, but to register for good, you need an invitation link from an existing Clubhouse member. Nevertheless, here’s an overview of the new trendy app.

  • The Clubhouse app follows an innovative concept that literally makes you sit up and take notice. It is an audio-only app that focuses primarily on the voice of the user. According to the company’s description, it is intended to give people the opportunity to speak, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships or meet new, interesting people from all over the world.
  • There are different rooms within the app where conversations on specific topics take place. As a user, you can decide for yourself whether you simply want to listen to the conversation or actively participate in it yourself.
  • Unlike common social media platforms like Instagram and the like, Clubhouse does not have a like or comment function.
  • For Android users, there is currently no way to download the app and register with Clubhouse.

How Clubhouse works

The aforementioned rooms play a crucial role in Clubhouse. Every user of the app has the option of either opening a room themselves or joining a public room. If you prefer to keep to yourself, you can also open a private room to communicate undisturbed with your friends.

  • If you are in a room that interests you, you can take on three different user roles.
  • Moderators lead the discussions and have the task of turning users into active speakers by bringing them onto the virtual “stage”. Moderators, in turn, also have the authority to remove speakers from the stage.
  • As a speaker, you s a speaker, you can actively participate in the conversation and contribute speeches.
  • If you prefer to enter a room as a listener, you can initially just listen passively and follow the discussion – just like in a live podcast. If you do want to contribute during the conversation, you can simply press a button to give the moderator a hand signal to bring you on stage.
  • Using a calendar view, there is an overview for scheduled rooms so that you don’t miss any discussion rounds that are exciting for you.
  • On your profile you can link your other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Co.
  • Clubhouse also has clubs on various topics that you can join for better orientation. This function is reminiscent of Facebook groups, but is also audio-based only.

Clubhouse: A Platform Exclusively For Live Audio Content

Each new “room” is created by a moderator who invites a series of speakers. Generally, no topic is announced in advance: instead, you can guess the topic based on the invited speakers (e.g. politicians, activists, etc.). Once the room is created and the audio-only session is activated, anyone following those speakers will receive a notification about the session and can participate as a listener. However, there are such closed rooms, e.g. for friends.

The moderator can also invite one of the audience members to join as a speaker. You then have the option to accept or politely decline the invitation to join the panel. You can browse through multiple rooms at any time and join and leave as you wish.

Who founded & developed Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse app was developed by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth with their start-up Alpha Exploration Co. from the USA. Both have worked for search engine giant Google in the past.

Is Clubhouse also available for Android?

In the future, Clubhouse will not only be available for iOS devices, but also for Android smartphones. However, Android users will have to be patient until then.

How is Clubhouse financed?

According to information from “Forbes”, Clubhouse has already received around 12 million US dollars from the investment firm Andreessen Horowitz. According to the “Crunchbase” database, Kortschak Investments has also already put money into the app.

Are there any criticisms of Clubhouse?

The biggest criticism is data privacy, because the app requires access to the user’s contacts and also records all conversations. The recordings are supposed to be deleted at the end of the talk session, but as soon as a single complaint of abuse is filed, the entire recording is saved. This should make it possible to prosecute racist or sexist offenses, for example.

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