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How Smart Home Devices Help Saving Energy

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

energy saving devices

Again a higher electricity bill fluttered into the mailbox. But why? There were no major changes in the apartment this year, you didn’t even buy new equipment. The increased costs were probably only due to the negligence in dealing with light, heating, and devices. But how do you counteract this? We asked ourselves. The solution is simple yet fun: Smart Home.

The first time we heard about it, we were startled. Smart home? That means that we have to buy more devices first. And more devices mean increased power consumption. But that’s only true if you only think of consumer electronics. If you network your home cleverly, it will act “smart”. Did you forget to turn off the light or heating? A simple app can control all your devices and you simply switch everything off via the smartphone. For a lower heating and electricity bill, here are our five favorite tips for energy-saving devices in a Smart Home.

#1 - Heating Control

70-80 percent of all energy costs are incurred for heating and hot water. A smart heating control system can save up to 40 percent energy, according to studies. The actual saving is certainly dependent on the type and nature of the building. You only need a few devices for this.

Just start with a radiator thermostat! Simply attach it to the heater, integrate it into the smart home system and conveniently regulate it by remote control or by an app. For automatic heating, you can even set heating profiles for the individual rooms. The thermostat then “learns” that you are mostly in the bathroom at 7 am and at 10 pm in the evening. In the next step, you can control several radiator thermostats and even the underfloor heating at once with the help of room thermostats.

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#2 - Shutters down

Sounds banal, but is extremely effective. Especially in older buildings with poorly insulated windows, roller shutters look like extra insulation. In summer, the living room is protected from the ingress of heat during the day and replaces the air conditioning system. Meanwhile, less heat can escape through the windows in winter. This means you have to heat less and save valuable energy!

Did you forget to lower the roller shutters? No problem – you can easily do it on the go using the app or completely automate it with a timer. So it’s worth thinking about a networked roller shutter control system, for example from Bosch.

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#3 - Get rid of the standby mode!

Televisions, coffee machines, WiFi routers, Apple Home or Alexa, laptops and printers – we only use all these devices for a few hours a day and yet they draw power permanently in standby mode. However, pulling out all the plugs each time after use saves time and is particularly practical. With a smart adapter plug that easily fits into any household socket, you can simply cut the power connection. You can control this from on the go using the app and conveniently even using a timer. It is even better if the adapter plug helps with the next tip.

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#4 - Discover energy-wasting devices

Most devices use electricity in standby. But who the real energy-wasters are is often not discovered at first glance. An adapter with an integrated consumption indicator, such as the TP-Link HS110 Wifi, helps here.

Switched between the right device, you will learn the truth about energy consumption. You uncover which devices you should switch to a standby mode more often. And for which devices a replacement would be more economical and ecological. Do you have an old washing machine that draws a lot of electricity? Then it might make sense to buy an energy-saving model.

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#5 - Intelligent lights with motion sensor

Imagine you go into a room and the light comes on. Sounds complicated? But it is not. With the help of motion sensors, which you simply attach directly to the socket, a lamp only turns on when it detects movement in the room. It switches off automatically after a specified time. So in the future, it can no longer happen that you forget to switch off the light in a hurry. Goodbye to unnecessary power consumption!

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Together with energy-saving LEDs, you can save a few more dollars per bulb in the long run.

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These tricks show that saving energy and electricity can be more fun than expected! You only need a few devices to make your home smart and efficient. Another plus: Not only do the results have an economic impact on your wallet but also a reduced energy consumption has a positive effect on our environment because unnecessary CO2 emissions are avoided. Smart Home makes your home ready for a sustainable future.

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