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how do air fryers work

How Do Air Fryers Work?

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

how do air fryers work

The concept of a deep fryer that works with little or no fat and conjures up low-calorie, healthier fries sounds great. But how exactly does this concept work and does it actually result in healthier dishes?

The principle of a hot air fryer is quickly explained. Inside such a device there is an annular heating element that heats the air in the cooking chamber of the deep fryer to the desired temperature. One or more fans circulate the hot air evenly inside the deep fryer. Such devices are nothing more than miniature convection ovens.

Depending on the quality and features of a hot air fryer, you can set the temperature and cooking time yourself, or you can use pre-set automatic programs and ensure ideal preparation conditions at the push of a button. Some models even have two levels on which you can cook at the same time. In most cases, such deep fryers also have a timer with which you can set when the device switches off.

Inside, hot air fryers are equipped with a lid that you open to put the food in – or it is a drawer into which you can put fries and other things. Then, if necessary, add a small amount of oil to the container or save this if you want to completely do without this additive.

Even if a hot air fryer would do completely without fat, eliminating oil and fat is not always the best solution. In addition to their function as flavor carriers, fats and oils are staple foods for humans and should not be completely removed from the menu. So if you drizzle the chips with a little oil or wet them with an oil sprayer, they will be particularly tasty and crispy.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Air Fryers

Like everything else, hot air fryers have advantages as well as less positive aspects. We want to take a closer look at the pros and cons.

Advantages of Air Fryers

1. Preparing food gently

Deep-frying, cooking, cooking, grilling and baking in a hot air fryer is very gentle on the food. That way the vitamins and other nutrients are retained.

2. Low-fat cooking

Even if you add a little oil to your frying, the fries will still absorb far less than if you immerse them in a hot oil bath. And as we said, you can also prepare the fries completely without adding fat.

3. Save time and energy

The time required for a convection oven for preheating and a classic deep fryer for heating the fat is eliminated with a hot air fryer. In the long run, this gives a significant advantage in terms of power consumption. This also shortens the preparation time overall.

4. Deep-frying cleanly and safely

Those who prepare their fries in a hot air fryer do not have to beware of dangerous oil splashes and do not have to additionally clear their kitchen from oil traces after use. Even if you add a little oil to your deep fryer, it is usually no more than a tablespoon amount that is needed.

5. Easy to clean

An air fryer is much easier to clean compared to classic deep fryers. Besides, there is no need to dispose of the old oil

6. Less smell

Everyone knows the typical frying smell that likes to get stuck in hair and clothing. This will of course not arise or be as intense with a device that does not require any or very little fat

Disadvantages of Air Fryers

1. Less Crispy

One of the disadvantages of fat-free fryers is a fact that we briefly mentioned earlier. Where fat is lacking, the crispness that we know from classic fries is also lacking. Better said, they don’t necessarily become less crispy, but different. Not every die-hard french fries fan will like this. On the other hand, the absence of fat entails the risk that the foods that are prepared in this way lose their juiciness or dry out. 

2. Slower than conventional methods

Cooking with the hot air fryer takes longer than with a conventional deep fryer. This last point is more than made up for by the lack of heating time.

Which Manufacturers Offer Good Air Fryers?

Hot air fryers are becoming increasingly popular due to their many advantages. This is how more and more models of these devices come onto the market. We present some manufacturers where you can buy good hot air fryers.

Here is a list of our favorite air fryers in 2020.


The manufacturer Philips comes from the Netherlands and offers a large selection of other household technology products in addition to household appliances. The products of the manufacturer are characterized by modern design and high-quality processing of the materials. The devices are also equipped with the latest technical standards. With a Philips hot air fryer you will also get a modern, flawless device that ensures that the purchase pays off quickly.


The French company T-Fal has existed since 1956 and primarily includes the manufacturer’s portfolio of cookware and various small household appliances. The T-Fal brand stands for high quality and excellent products that are powerful and durable


This young company from Berlin has set itself the goal of offering consumers modern, high-quality and functional household appliances that look beautiful, can do a lot and offer excellent value for money. The manufacturer’s range includes several differently equipped models of hot air fryers and the ideal deep-fryer will be found for every requirement and taste.


Although the Italian manufacturer De’Longhi is primarily known for its coffee machines and fully automatic coffee machines, the company’s hot air fryers are also not to be scoffed at. They are characterized by innovative design and the many functions and extras of the devices.

There are, of course, many other manufacturers who make excellent hot air fryers and the best thing to do is to make a comparison and find out which hot air fryer best suits your personal needs and requirements.

Which dishes can be prepared in a hot air fryer?

The range of options for dishes and food that you can prepare in the hot air fryer is almost endless. Basically everything that you would also put in your oven can go into such a deep fryer.

But this is still too brief. Whether vegetables, meat, fish, rice or pasta – there are no limits to your imagination. Even bread can be baked in such a device. A hot air fryer is also well suited to warming up dishes or heating frozen dishes to the right temperature.

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