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amazon kindle warranty

How To Check Amazon Kindle Warranty

If your Kindle suddenly has a technical problem, the question of warranty naturally arises. Amazon usually provides a one-year warranty on electrical devices, in addition to the statutory warranty. If the defect on your Kindle occurs during this period, Amazon will usually take the eReader back without any problems.

Find out the remaining warranty on the Kindle

Basically, you can easily find out whether you still have warranty or not for every purchased item by looking at the invoice.

  • With Amazon, it’s even easier because all purchases are listed in your account.
  • Therefore, to check your Kindle’s warranty, first log in to your account with the online store.
  • After clicking “My Account”, go to “My Orders”.
  • In the top section, select the period for which you want to view the orders.
  • Once you have found the Kindle, you can easily determine if you are still within the warranty period granted by Amazon by looking at the purchase date.

Warranty and statutory warranty - the difference

Whether and for how long the providers offer a warranty on the items sold is up to them. With the statutory warranty, on the other hand, the duration is fixed: it is two years. As already mentioned, Amazon usually grants a one-year warranty on its electrical devices.

  • If the Kindle has a defect within this time, Amazon usually takes the device back without any problems. You will then either receive another device or the returned one will be repaired.
  • Tip: The Amazon customer service is usually easy to reach and it makes sense to discuss the further procedure there in advance.
  • The legal warranty is generally valid for two years and is completely independent of the manufacturer’s warranty. If, for example, your Kindle “only” starts to have problems after fifteen months, you should still contact Amazon in any case.
  • However, in the case of a legal warranty, you have to prove that the defect is due to a manufacturing defect. However, that is usually not quite as easy. Nevertheless, it is always worth discussing the problem with the customer service. The providers are often quite accommodating.
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