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netflix account sharing

Netflix Account Sharing – Is That Allowed?

Technically, it’s easy to share your Netflix account with friends or family members. But are you allowed to do that at all? In this guide, we’ll tell you.

Account sharing is allowed - with restrictions

If you share your Netflix account with people in the same household – for example, family members or participants in a shared apartment – you do not have to fear the closure of your account or other penalties. Sharing with friends or other people outside your household, on the other hand, is not allowed.

  • This is explicitly stated in the Terms of Service: “4.2 The Netflix Service and all content […] may not be shared with persons who do not live in the same household.”
  • However, in the Help Center, there is a contradictory statement about this: “If you share your Netflix account with friends or family members, they may also be watching Netflix when you want to watch a title. The number of users who can stream at the same time depends on your Netflix subscription.”
  • This wording suggests that Netflix will at least tolerate you sharing your account with friends.
  • Still, if you share your Netflix account with people outside your household, you are strictly speaking in violation of the service’s terms of service. Accordingly, Netflix could terminate your account without notice – even a claim for damages would be possible, since Netflix at least theoretically loses revenue through shared accounts.
  • However, there has not yet been such a case, and it remains to be seen whether Netflix will take action against account sharing in the future. A special tool could help the streaming service detect shared accounts in the future.

Share Netflix account: Check your subscription

If you share your Netflix account, however, you should make sure that you have a subscription model that is suitable for it.

  • There is only a limited number of simultaneously active streams available to you. This means that once this number is reached by other people’s usage, you yourself will no longer be able to use the streaming service at the same time.
  • If you use the basic Netflix subscription, you can only watch a stream on one device. With the standard subscription, this is possible on two devices, and with the premium subscription on four devices at the same time.

Be careful when sharing your login information

In the terms of use, Netflix writes that you should not share your password with anyone else, but this is not explicitly prohibited. The corresponding section is rather to be understood as a security notice:

  • “To maintain control of the account and prevent access by unauthorized persons […], the account holder should always have control over the Netflix-compatible devices used to access the service and should not disclose the password or the account details for the selected payment method to third parties.”
  • Therefore, you should only provide your password to trusted people. As an alternative, you can also set up your Netflix account on your friends’ or family members’ devices once. Then, when they use it in the future, they won’t need to re-identify themselves as users, so they won’t have to share your password.
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