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what is open jaw ticket

What is an Open-jaw ticket?

what is open jaw ticket

An open-jaw flight is a round-trip journey that involves more than one departure or arrival airport. This may sound a bit confusing at first, but it’s actually quite simple. There are two types of open-jaw tickets:

Option 1: Open-jaw ticket

In this variant, the original departure airport is not the same as the final destination airport. Normally, you would travel from Airport A to Airport B and back to Airport A. With an open-jaw flight, you would fly to another Airport C back.



  • Normal Ticket: New York -> San Francisco
  • Open-jaw Ticket: New York -> San Francisco -> Washington

Option 2: Open-jaw ticket

The other type of open-jaw tickets are which the original destination airport is not the same as the later departure airport. You fly from airport A to airport B, but then you do not travel back from airport B but from Airport C and then land back at Airport A.

The best example of this is if you want to travel within a country. Imagine you take a trip to Brazil and fly from Frankfurt Airport to Rio de Janeiro. It would make little sense to come back to Rio de Janeiro at the end of the trip just to fly to Frankfurt. You might start your return flight from São Paulo.

What do I need to know about Open-jaw tickets?

There is one prerequisite for a flight to be an open-jaw ticket: the two different locations must be in the same destination area (i.e. they must be in the same country) – in our examples in Germany and Brazil.

Sometimes airlines also offer double open-jaw tickets. As you can imagine, neither of the two airports are identical on the outbound and inbound journey. So you fly from London to Berlin, for example, and then from Warsaw to Madrid.

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