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what are open return tickets

What is an Open Return Ticket?

what are open return tickets

Open Return Tickets explained

As the name suggests, an open return ticket is a flight ticket where the return flight is open and does not have to be booked in advance. This type of plane ticket is perfect for everyone who wants to travel for a long time.

For example, if you want to go abroad for a year after completing your studies but don’t know exactly when you want to come back, the Open Return Ticket is an excellent choice.

Even if you actually have a fixed date, the Open Return Ticket could be worthwhile, because it can be used to cancel your trip earlier than planned or to extend it spontaneously.

Why should you book an open return ticket?

Now you may be wondering why you book such a ticket at all. You could simply book a return flight ticket at a later date. The Open Return Ticket has many advantages!

On the one hand, you don’t have to worry about a financial bottleneck at the end of the trip and that you may not have enough money for your return flight (because this happens more often than you think).

In addition, you usually book such tickets for long-distance trips where you often cannot avoid a stopover. With the Open Return Ticket, you even benefit from such stopovers, as these are usually included in the tickets.

In other words, you can visit other destinations while traveling to the destination country. You only have to pay attention to how long the ticket is valid, but since this can be up to 20 months, you should have no problems getting back to your destination country in time.

What are the disadvantages of the Open Return Ticket?

The Open Return Ticket offers many advantages, but it is not the cheapest alternative. A normal ticket for the outward and return flight can be significantly cheaper. Even with a normal ticket, you have the opportunity to be flexible by simply rebooking your return flight.

Although this adds extra costs, it can still be cheaper than the Open Return Ticket. However, if you really want to be adventurous and brave, just book a one-way ticket and then book the return flight at a later time. This is usually the cheapest alternative.

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