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oxo one stop chop review

OXO Good Grips One Stop Chop – Test Review

Whether pesto, dip or ingredients for the salad – a good kitchen chopper processes food to the desired consistency and size in no time at all. We took a close look at the OXO One Stop Chop whether it was a real household pearl.

Design & Quality 92%
Handling 87%
Operation 83%

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Design & Quality

With its clean design, the shredder blends wonderfully into any kitchen environment. Lid, base and crank are made of white plastic, while the container is transparent. In this way, you always have the best possible view of the condition of the processed food.

However, the light-colored plastic shows a certain susceptibility to stains and impact damage. The container and crank give a little under pressure, but once the individual parts have been assembled, the overall structure is stable.

The suction cup on the floor is activated by moving a lever and should in this way ensure a safe stand. The device has three sharp stainless steel blades to process food.

With a diameter of around 14.5 centimeters and a height of around 10.8 centimeters without a lid, the food processor holds an adequate amount of food in order to cater for a larger number of guests if necessary.


The use of the manual kitchen chopper is almost self-explanatory, even to the layperson. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has included detailed, easily understandable instructions that even contain a few recipes. The knives are simply pinned inside the container.

After filling in the food, the user attaches the lid to the container with two closures. Once the lock has clicked, it is firmly in place.

The crank can easily be attached to the holder provided on the lid. Once attached, it can hardly be removed. The torque of the crank is easily transferred to the knives, which chop up the food in this way.


What we noticed directly negatively in the practical test: Although the construction of the suction cup is intended to make work easier, it does not fulfill its purpose in practical use. If we operate the food processor when it is filled, the suction force of the bowl quickly decreases and the construction begins to slide. So we are forced to hold the chopper with one hand and turn the crank clockwise with the other hand – not very comfortable.

There is still some resistance noticeable the first time you turn the crank. However, once this has been overcome, the device processes food consistently to the desired consistency if you only show a little perseverance when using the One Stop Chop.

We put it to the test with harder fruit such as apples: after about five rounds of cranking, the eighthed pieces are roughly cut, a few more rounds give us fine raw food. The machine can even handle coffee beans with considerable volume and prolonged cranking – a very good performance for a manual kitchen shredder. However, powder gets between the container and the edge of the lid, which can spread over the work surface when the container is emptied. If it is cleaned under hot water immediately after use, the device can be cleaned quickly and easily.

14,5 cm

Stainless steel


Conclusion: OXO Good Grips 8H-14824 One Stop Chop

Thanks to its solid workmanship and its large capacity, this small kitchen helper is suitable for everyone who only wants to process food every now and then and does not shy away from a certain amount of effort. The stainless steel blades shine especially on fruit and vegetables. However, if you regularly process larger quantities of food, you are better off with an electric kitchen appliance.

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