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preserve food

Don’t Stockpile Food – Make & Preserve Food Yourself

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

make and preserve food

Stocking up on food is not necessary. With these practical tools for the kitchen, you can survive the Coronavirus crisis more easily.

The corona crisis is forcing us to change our everyday lives. A look at some supermarkets scares us a little because of everyday goods like pasta, toilet paper, but also durable bread, butter and Nutella are being stockpiled. On one hand, this is not very social, on the other hand, it is understandable: COVID-19 scares us and leads to irrational behavior.

Maybe these kitchen appliances can give you a little more security by making yourself a little more independent. If your time allows, these helpers also offer another advantage: you always have fresh treats like bread or pasta at home and you can preserve fruit or vegetables from the garden for a long time.

Bread that lasts longer is sold out in some places. Why this should be hoarded is beyond us.

If we had the choice between possibly thawed discounter toast and home-baked alternatives, the decision would not be difficult. All you need for good bread is flour, yeast, salt and sugar, which – apart from perhaps flour – is available everywhere unchanged. Therefore, a bread maker is a sensible purchase and not just given the current circumstances. Because modern solutions can produce a wide variety of bread conveniently and automatically. But not only that.

The COSTWAY Bread Maker is a good example of the flexibility of today’s machines. You can add nuts, seeds, fruits or chocolate pieces to your bread through an ingredient compartment. The 19 existing programs allow the production of jam, yogurt, cake, dough (pasta, pizza, bread rolls) and also ice cream using a separately available container – at a fair price.

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With the somewhat more compact bread maker from Panasonic, you can choose between dozens of types of bread and dough. The modes for gluten-free bread and the 1-hour quick baking program are interesting. Personally, the sourdough function appeals to us in particular, and the manufacturer also supplies suitable accessories.

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Buy pasta? No longer necessary!

With flour or flour alternatives available at home, you will no longer have to resort to pasta from the supermarket. You definitely don’t want that anymore, because with a pasta maker you will delight gourmets big and small.

The Marcato Design 8320 with shaping discs is perfect for making spaghetti, penne, macaroni, rigatoni, lasagna, cannelloni and much more. If you want, you can add vegetable juices for color and herbs for taste. The pasta machine always produces the perfect dough and the correct shapes. In ten minutes you will get fresh and homemade pasta.

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You also get a good system with the CucinaPro VD-43551KC, which makes up to 600 grams of pasta without much effort. The easy cleaning is nice on this machine. Because everything can be completely disassembled here.

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Make & preserve food - not only during the corona crisis

If you grow herbs on the balcony yourself, can harvest fruit and vegetables in your garden or are often given something by friends, you should also use this sensibly. But what do you do with kilos of tomatoes, cherries or even meat?

The magic word here is: automatic dehydrator. The Ivation Food Dehydrator, for example, also dries fish for you. You place fruit, vegetables or nuts on the six trays, after a predetermined time you can expect the dried result. If you like, the Ivation can even make yogurt. Or beef jerky. Yummie!

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For many people in rural areas, this has always been a matter of course: the freezer. It can be found in many cellars and kitchens. The primary reason for purchasing is the advantage of being able to store frozen products for longer and thus saving yourself frequent purchases. At the same time, fresh goods can be made to last longer. Our personal favorite: overripe bananas, which are perfect for smoothies and ice cream when frozen. The Avanti CFC43Q0WG is suitable for city households and it has 118-liter capacity? A lot fits in there.

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Soda & Ice Cream

In the event of a curfew, we have to adjust to a very “reduced” everyday life. But what if the kids still want to eat ice cream? Of course, there is something from the supermarket, alternatively, your ice cream maker gets going and leaves you plenty of scope for your own creations. The Cuisinart ICE-21P1 Ice Cream Maker has a self-cooling ice compressor for optimal consistency. You will produce 1.5 liters of ice cream in around 20 minutes, which corresponds to around 20 balls.

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A soda stream also makes sense. When shopping, you no longer have to use sparkling water and carry it home. Just produce one yourself. Good and clean tap water is known to be sufficient. And the SodaStream Fizzi, for example, is not at all expensive. Lemonades and cola are no problem – with the right and regularly available syrup varieties.

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Finally, it should be emphasized: we do not want to stir up panic with these product recommendations. Rather, we see many opportunities to make it easier to prepare favorite dishes at home. A bread maker, for example, also works very well when the corona crisis will hopefully be over soon. Even if electronics stores have closed during these times: you can still order the products linked here online.

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