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samsung gear 3 review

Samsung Gear 3 | Review

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Samsung Gear 3

High-quality smartwatch with great display


sharp, colorful AMOLED display

waterproof according to IP68 standard

intuitively usable bezel

deceptively real-looking dials


Sensors deliver imprecise measurement results

Housing too small for small wrists

limited app offer

Samsung Gear 3: General Facts


Samsung integrated a 380 mAh battery in the Gear S3 classic – quite a large capacity for smartwatches, which according to the manufacturer should last for up to 4 days. However, users report that with normal use and the display that is always activated, you will not get more than two days without wireless charging using the charging cradle.


The display consists of a 1.3-inch AMOLED panel, which due to its construction has a very intense color display. With a pixel density of 277 PPI, the display is sharp enough that the dials of an analog watch are deceptively similar. Thanks to the high brightness, you will rarely have any problems outdoors.


You can operate the Gear S3 classic either using the touchscreen with your fingers or by turning the bezel and going through the menus. Samsung’s Tizen operating system is self-explanatory. However, users complain that the bezel rattles when light pressure is applied and that text input via voice control is not error-free.

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Samsung Gear 3: Smart Features

Sport & Health

The Gear S3 classic offers all the necessary sensors for pulse, movement, step and height measurement. However, testers and users alike report very imprecise measurement results. The pulse and steps taken are clearly inaccurate and, according to testers, the automatic training recognition lacks correctness.

Apps & Communication

Thanks to an integrated GPS module, the Gear S3 classic can record your jogging route and have your training measured – even without a smartphone. Apps or watch faces can be downloaded via WiFi in the home network. However, the app offering on the Tizen operating system is severely limited compared to Android Wear and watchOS.

Samsung Gear 3:Built-Quality & Comfort

Weight & Size

The Gear S3 smartwatch from Samsung has a case tailored for large wrists that weighs around 60 g due to the high-quality materials. Testers mention that the smartwatch seems out of place on small wrists. Even users who are used to big watches complain about the size.


The Samsung is made of high-quality materials: a real leather strap and elements made of high-gloss polished and brushed stainless steel ensure a classy exterior. The Gear S3 classic is also waterproof by the IP68 standard. On special occasions you can easily replace the leather bracelet, for example with metal bracelets.

Samsung Gear 3: Our Opinion

Curved Display

Only half a year after the release of the Gear 2, which in turn came on the market only a short time after the original, the third generation is now in the starting blocks. Accordingly, the South Korean manufacturer will move even further from the concept of an independent mini smartphone to a handy, everyday companion for the smartphone.

Classier design, narrower display

The noble design in the form of a metal housing should continue to be the hallmark of the series, but the appearance should be less bulky. The display is no longer rectangular, but elongated – and is adapted to the curve of the wrist. The bend of the display using AMOLED technology is said to be even more pronounced than that of the Gear Fit. Besides, the frame on the two sides on the left and right should be narrower than in previous smartwatches. The elegant design is clearly in the foreground.

No camera or SIM card

Conversely, so that clunkiness is no longer an issue, you have to do without some features that no longer fit into the case. First of all, there is the camera that the two previous models still had. If it moved from the bracelet into the case of the Gear 2, it now seems to be completely missing from the Gear 3. It thus resembles the Gear 2 Neo, which also – without the same equipment – did without the camera.

New Model coming too fast

In general, Samsung could currently overwhelm or even cheat its customers. Similar to the cell phones, a flood of models has set in that only a few customers can overlook. Besides, it is extremely annoying to buy a watch that is so expensive and then, after half a year, find that there is something better and more elegant. This is difficult to digest even with annual cycles; in the half-yearly cycle, some will find this a deterrent.

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