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Seagate One Touch SSD 500 GB

Seagate One Touch SSD 500 GB – Test Review

“Credit-card small and greyhound fast”- That’s how Seagate is advertising the One Touch SSD 500 GB hard drive on its website. In the test, we clarify whether it is worth buying.

Scope of Delivery 90%
Design & Quality 97%
Installation 97%
Operation & Speed 95%
Heat & Noise 92%

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Scope of Delivery

We can already confirm the first point when unpacking: The hard drive in the black version is even a bit smaller than a credit card. The scope of delivery includes everything you need to work with a hard drive: A USB 3.0 cable is included, as well as brief instructions for use, an annual subscription for the photo software mylio and a two-month Adobe Cloud photo subscription. The cable is short at 20 centimeters, even if the external hard drive is usually right next to the computer. A few more inches certainly wouldn’t have hurt. A transport bag is not included, but given the compact size and low weight, it is not absolutely necessary.

Design & Quality

At 7.5 centimeters in length, 5.5 centimeters in width and just under one centimeter in depth, the Seagate One Touch SSD is very compact. You can find space in your trouser pocket, shirt pocket or even in your wallet. The case is made of high-quality plastic, the corners are rounded and the hard disk is covered with a dark gray fabric on the upper side. Overall, the One Touch SSD feels good and the gray fabric makes it look classy. On the right side there is a small black tab with a white logo of the manufacturer. There are no large gaps between the plastic housing and the fabric top, no dust or crumbs can get lost here. There are no annoying transitions between the materials, plastic and fabric combine very well at the edges.

The hard drive can withstand pressure and bumps without any problems, and it can withstand a fall from just under a meter without damage. The underside is slightly grooved, but that doesn’t prevent the hard drive from sliding back and forth on smooth surfaces. Here we would have liked small feet or something similar for slip resistance. Apart from this point of criticism, the hard drive is very well made.


Installing the hard disk is easy: when you connect the hard disk to the computer or laptop, a window opens automatically, which guides you through the installation. On Mac devices, a corresponding folder icon appears on the desktop with the signature “Seagate”. A double click on it and the user can work with the hard drive. No further software is required, you can access the hard drive quickly and directly. Attention Mac users: Reformatting is required for use with Time Machine.

You will see two files in the Seagate folder, a Start_Here_Win and a Start_Here_Mac for Mac users. This gives you access to the mylio software, with which you can link photos and videos with the respective days in a personalized calendar. An internet connection is required for this.

Operation & Speed

According to the manufacturer, the transmission speed of the One Touch SSD is 400 megabytes per second. Our test with CrystalDiskMark confirms this information and even surpasses it by up to 464 megabytes per second with sequential reading. With sequential writing, the values are 137 megabytes per second.

In the practical test, we measured the read and write speeds of the hard drive with a large video file (1.9 gigabytes). The file is copied to the hard drive within 19 seconds and overwritten again after just 2 seconds – a good time. Then we check how the hard drive is doing with a lot of small files. For 4,000 test images with a total size of 1.03 gigabytes, the One Touch SSD needs one minute and 26 seconds to copy the images to the hard drive. When writing, the time measurement is 46 seconds. This last test that test the hard drive’s limits.

400 MB/s

55,5 x 10 x 75 mm)

Heat & Noise

In order to test the heat development of the One Touch SSD, we worked with the hard disk for one hour in continuous operation. To do this, we write and read a large file with 67 gigabytes. In the end, we measured a temperature of 40.8 degrees on the surface of the hard drive. A fairly high temperature, but not a concern for a hard drive in continuous use.

Conclusion: Seagate One Touch SSD 500GB

Overall, the Seagate One Touch SSD is a very good hard drive. It is light, compact and offers fast reading and writing speeds. The processing quality is very high, and commissioning is quick and easy. The only points of criticism are the extremely short connection cable and the lack of feet for the hard drive’s slip resistance. However, these are points that are not particularly significant.

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