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best side by side fridge

The Best Side By Side Refrigerator in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

best side by side refrigerator

Bring a touch of American flair to your home and create plenty of space for refrigerated and frozen products, with a fridge-freezer combination “Side-by-Side” in stylish stainless steel or subtle white. Choose between double or quadruple-door refrigerators and freezers and 2-door refrigerators plus freezer drawers.

Let yourself be inspired by the numerous technical refinements, such as supercooling functions and child safety, as well as practical equipment such as ice dispensers and ice grinders for crash ice, water dispenser and sparkling water heater, to get the perfect “side-by- side” fridge.. We are happy to help you with your purchase decision and advise you competently.

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Side By Side Refrigerators - For more space and more comfort

Side by Side refrigerators originally came from America, but for some time now they have also become increasingly popular in Europe. The characteristic of these fridge-freezer combinations is their special division. Because, unlike the devices commonly used in this country, the refrigerator and freezer in side by side devices are next to each other and not one below the other – hence the name “side by side”.

The functionality of the side by side refrigerator essentially corresponds to that of conventional European refrigerators. And yet there are some special features and additional functions that make side-by-side refrigerators very attractive for European consumers.

However, these additional functions and their significantly larger capacity also come at a price. In direct comparison, side-by-side refrigerators from well-known brands such as AEG, Bosch, LG, Samsung or Siemens are more expensive than normal refrigerators from the same brands.

This guide tells you what size your side by side refrigerator should be, what types of side by side devices are available and what technical features you should pay attention to when choosing.

We also show you typical additional functions of Side by Side refrigerators, which could also be interesting for you.

Which size is suitable?

Because of their special layout, side by side refrigerators are generally wider than conventional refrigerators. Since the doors open on both sides here, a side-by-side refrigerator also requires more space. And this space must first be available so that you can set up a side by side refrigerator.

In order not to waste unnecessary space, you should calculate exactly how large the capacity of your refrigerator should be. This depends on the size of the household.

The following table provides clues for the recommended refrigerator volume depending on the number of people who live in your household:

Recommended volume in liters depending on the number of people in the household:

  • 1 person = 100 liters
  • 2 people = 150 liters
  • 3 people = 100 liters
  • 4 people = 250 liters
  • 5 people = 300 liters
  • 6 people = 350 liters


Side by side refrigerators have a capacity of 400 liters or more and are therefore particularly suitable for large households. For small households who never fill such a large refrigerator, the power consumption is disproportionately high.

European, French Door & American style - what's the difference?

There are different types of side by side refrigerators, which differ in the design and distribution of the cooling and freezing elements.

An American (Style) or American refrigerator is a single, wide device that houses the refrigerator and freezer. The European (also: European) variant consists of two individual standing devices that are arranged side by side. A French door refrigerator is characterized by the fact that it has two hinged doors for the cooling area and one (or two) separate door (s) or a drawer for the freezer compartment.

Concerning their functionality, the individual designs hardly differ – here the question of personal taste is more important, whether you prefer, for example, relatively narrow and instead continuous compartments from top to bottom, as with the European variant, or whether you prefer the top-bottom distribution like a side-by-side refrigerator French Door more like.

Fixed water connection vs. Water tank

Most side by side refrigerators have either a fixed water connection or a water tank. Both variants enable the constant availability of chilled water, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Side by side refrigerator with fixed water connection

Advantages and disadvantages at a glance:
+ always fresh tap water available
+ no refilling of the tank required
– Prerequisite: water connection at the desired location

Side by side fridge with a water tank
If there is no water connection available at the desired location or this can only be reached via a long hose, a side by side refrigerator with a water tank is recommended.

Advantages and disadvantages at a glance:
+ no water connection necessary
– Regular refilling/changing of water necessary
– rather unsuitable for large households with higher water requirements

What additional functions do side by side refrigerators have?

Side by side refrigerators are – depending on the model – equipped with various additional functions that should make your everyday life easier. In addition to the water dispenser with chilled water (via a fixed water connection or water tank), the ice cube dispenser is particularly popular because it delivers ready-made ice cubes for a cool drink at the push of a button.

There are also many other additional functions, some of which we will introduce to you below.

FlexZone and 0-degree compartment

Every food has a certain temperature range in which it is optimally stored. In conventional refrigerators, the temperature in the individual areas is usually only minimally different.

In side-by-side refrigerators with FlexZone technology, each area is cooled to different degrees, so that you can optimally store your food here. This also includes the so-called 0-degree compartment (also: Fresh Zone), in which you can wonderfully store fruit and vegetables.

NoFrost and automatic defrost function

Frost and ice, which builds up over time and requires regular defrosting, are particularly troublesome for freezers and compartments. Some side by side refrigerators have an automatic defrost function, which ensures that frost melts again immediately or the moisture evaporates quickly before it turns into ice. Even more practical is the so-called NoFrost technology, which prevents the formation of frost and ice entirely thanks to the special regulation of temperature and humidity.

Internet connection

Some modern devices can be connected to the Internet and offer numerous functions that you can control with your smartphone. This includes not only checking the refrigerator temperature, but also the contents of the refrigerator. Some models help you to create shopping lists based on the existing stock or order the required groceries online from your preferred grocery store.

European, American or French

Side-by-side refrigerators are available in three different versions. European side-by-side refers to appliances in which the refrigerator and freezer are side by side. An American side-by-side is a single wide refrigerator. Devices with a French door have two hinged doors and a freezer compartment that can be opened via a separate drawer or door.

What you should pay attention to when buying

Before buying, measure exactly how much space you have for the refrigerator. Remember not only to take the floor space into account but also to take into account the space required to open the doors. Always prefer refrigerators with good energy efficiency. Devices with A+++ have the highest energy efficiency class.

Compare the individual models with their additional functions. One of the most common additional functions is NoFrost technology, in which the cold air is distributed via a fan in the cold room.

Thanks to the lower humidity, ice formation on the cooling fins is prevented and time-consuming defrosting is no longer necessary. “Party function” (quick cooling down of drinks) and ice maker are very popular not only with young customers.

In addition, many devices also have a super cooling function for bulk purchases, a cold water dispenser and automatic defrosting, which ensures that the ideal operating conditions always prevail. A large display offers greater clarity and ease of use.

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