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spot fake amazon reviews

How To Spot Fake Amazon Reviews

The reviews on Amazon can definitely be a useful decision-making aid, if it weren’t for the fake reviews, which you should best filter out. The fake reviews are not always easy to spot, since they are sometimes written by professionals – but there is a useful help.

How to find fake product reviews on Amazon

Online shopping is very convenient, but unfortunately, shopping can have its pitfalls. Unlike in the real world, there is no way to closely examine the quality of the item in question. We rely exclusively on what the manufacturer promises.

  • The fact that a seller’s product description is not always entirely objective is in the nature of things. Therefore, many interested parties like to orient themselves on the reviews of other customers. Of course, manufacturers know this, too. Some try to boost sales a bit with the help of purchased fake reviews.
  • Amazon is also not happy about the fake reviews, according to its own statement. Ultimately, this makes a nonsense of the customer support system, which is good in itself. But obviously, Amazon does not really succeed in preventing fake reviews.
  • It is estimated that every fifth product review is fake. Overall, it is suspected that over 20 percent of customer reviews in online stores are fake. And the business with fake customer reviews seems to be booming, because after all, some agencies probably make quite a good living from it.
  • A software company has set itself the goal of putting an end to this spook. With the help of a program, it should be possible to separate the fakes from the real customer reviews.
  • Note: If you are annoyed about a product, you can of course also file a complaint with Amazon.

ReviewMeta - How does it check Amazon reviews

The online service ReviewMeta has set out to separate the fakes from the real reviews on Amazon. To do this, ReviewMeta analyzes the reviews of many millions of products sold on Amazon.

  • The program uses various factors to examine whether the author and thus his review is credible or whether it is a commissioned review. The algorithm filters out fake reviews from fake customers as well as reviews from customers who received the product in question free of charge.
  • For example, it examines whether the review is a verified review or a non-verified review. In the case of your verified review, the product was demonstrably purchased from Amazon. This does not necessarily mean that the review is neutral. In the case of a non-verified review, the reviewer has not purchased the product from Amazon.
  • Also whether the customer submits a review for the first time is examined. Furthermore, how many reviews and how regularly the customer rates products on Amazon. And of course the tendency of the respective reviews.
  • If, for example, someone constantly gives good reviews and distributes inflationary five stars, he is either a very positive-minded person or one who can be bought.
  • The length of the reviews and telltale or unusual formulations are also included in the analysis. Suspicious, for example, are many formulations that are also found in the manufacturer’s descriptions. If the brand name is mentioned very frequently in the rating, this also gives pause for thought.
  • It is extremely conspicuous if the supposed customer has given a whole batch of ratings for a wide variety of products in one day. The same applies, if a product was reviewed on a day above average often. Frequently indications for the work of a paid evaluation agency.
  • In short, the criteria used by the software to filter out fake reviews on Amazon are very true to life and therefore quite realistic. Theoretically, you could do it yourself, but who has that much time?
  • Tip: If you have made a wrong purchase despite thorough research, you can claim Amazon’s warranty.

How to filter out fake reviews with Reviewmeta

If you want to check the reviews of your favorite product in advance, ReviewMeta’s algorithm will do it for you in a few seconds.

  • On the ReviewMeta homepage, you first paste the corresponding URL of the product. The most convenient way to do this is by copy & paste. Then the program starts analyzing the product reviews.
  • First, the fakes are separated from the reviews that are considered real. Based on this assessment, the software then calculates a new overall rating for the product. It is not uncommon for this to be more or less significantly worse than the overall rating on Amazon.
  • By the way, you can also use ReviewMata as a web app, and it is completely free of charge.
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