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what is stopover

What is a Stopover?

what is stopover

Stopovers explained

A stopover is a stop in another destination on the way to your final destination, but your stopover must be longer than 24 hours. Stops with a stay of less than 24 hours, for example changing to another aircraft or a stop to refuel the aircraft, are not considered stopovers. Stop less than 24 hours are called layovers. In order to count as a stopover, a stopover cannot last indefinitely, but only as long as the ticket is valid.

You can book a stopover easily by selecting the option “stopovers” or “multiple airports” in the search mask of the flight search engine or airline. The airline specifies certain cities for a stopover and you can choose the destination and length of stay.

What are the advantages of a stopover?

  • You can see more of the world (with a stopover you visit at least one destination more)
  • You pay less money (you would pay more for two separate flights)
  • You save time (if you had to fly in the same direction twice it would take more time)
  • You reduce the impact of the jet lag at the final destination (you can slowly get used to the different time zones)
  • You can travel to a destination without a visa (usually you get a free tourist visa or a stamp in the passport for the stopover)
  • You can adapt to the climate more easily if necessary (depending on where your stopover is, you can slowly get used to the other climate)
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