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How To Track Amazon Prices

Amazon prices fluctuate from day to day. To make sure you always get the best price, you can monitor price fluctuations. We show you which tool you can use to get the best price for your product.

Amazon: Price fluctuations due to daily prices

Many Amazon users do not know that Amazon provides its own items with a so-called “daily price”. This price for a particular product is usually only stable for a few days and can rise or fall within a very short time. So it’s worth keeping an eye on price fluctuations before making a purchase.

  • Amazon compares its prices with the product prices of its competitors at regular intervals. If, for example, the prices for a product fall at the competition, Amazon will adjust its prices accordingly.
  • In addition to the usual daily prices, Amazon provides a few products with a bargain price every day. These products are usually marked with a price reduction of up to 50 percent for at least one day.
  • Products that are not sold directly by Amazon are excluded from this. The respective third-party sellers determine the price for their product.

These providers help you monitor prices

There are numerous free providers on the Internet that track price fluctuations on Amazon for you and also notify you in the event of changes:

  • Well-known free providers for monitoring price fluctuations include camelcamelcamel.com and keepa.
  • On the service page, simply paste the link to the Amazon product you want to track to get a price history chart.
  • With this, you can see how the price has changed in the last few months for the product you want and whether it is worth buying right now.
  • You can also monitor the price on both sites. You will then receive a notification by mail when the price falls below your set limit.
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